Guild Wars 2: Returning to My Revenant

Hey! As my break from rehearsals winds to a close, I have been making sure to get my Guild Wars 2 fix in before I just don't have the time as often. I've been enjoying playing with my friends on Discord voice chat, and it's nice to play solo but not be alone. Anyways, I picked up my Revenant, Cricket Luana, over the past few days, and learned to play them again.

So far, what I'm observing is that...well, Rev is pretty tricky! At least more difficult to get the hang of than Ranger, which has been my main for years. However, I'm starting to unwind a little from my previous attitude of perfectionism when playing, and that's paying off. I'm learning so much more about Guild Wars 2 and I appreciate the intricacies of every class a little more.

I spent most of my time in Lornar's Pass (one of my favorite areas in-game) and Timberline Falls, splitting my time between event-following and mountain-climbing. What I like about the Norn-focused areas is the topographical levels available everywhere. I love finding the peaks of mountains...and the occasional vista to go with them!

A brief life update, since I've gotten some questions, and also want to explain any weird lapses of activity in the next month-ish:

- Theatre: I got into Les Miserables!! I'm one of the revolutionaries/barricade boys. I'm really honored and look forward to participating in such a great show.
- Robotics: Nationals-bound! We're competing in West Coast Super-Regionals in a few weeks.
- Emerald City CC: I'll be paneling! I'll post later this week about that...
- School/Life: A few schools have accepted me, I'm waiting on four more to get back to me. Things are looking good so far, though. Fingers crossed...

- Site Redesign: How are you guys liking the new look? I'm working out some bugs right now, like the header ballooning whenever you scroll back up, etc. I'm also thinking of making rotating banners like I had a few years ago when this site was Destiny's Travels. I can't find anything on the WayBack Machine to explain so far, but I'll keep searching...

Some questions for you all:

- What is your opinion on complex MMO classes? What do you think is a good learning curve/balance? What's the hardest character class you have ever played in an MMO/game in general?