Find Me at Emerald City Comic Con!

Once upon a time, I forgot February was short and then suddenly Emerald City Comic Con started at the end of the week.


In case any of you are around, I'd love to high-five and take a selfie. Here are my paneling and cosplay plans for the weekend:

Thursday, March 1st - I have a calculus quiz, rehearsal, Science Club, and robotics, so...uh, no. Can't do that.

Friday, March 2nd - I'll be around from 10 AM-1 PM on the show floor, then I hope to enjoy the gaming in the evening. I'll be in cosplay in the morning as a TANIS hunter from the podcast TANIS (keep looking). Here's how my cosplay is going so far:

It'll be a little more work before I'm completely ready. I still need to make the sign out of cardboard and distress an outfit. Nothing a little thrift-shopping won't solve.

Saturday, March 3rd - I'll be around all day long! I won't be in cosplay because I'll be paneling at 2:45 in roomhere on the panel BREAKING THE BAMBOO CEILING! I love this panel and I'm so happy to be continuing it at ECCC this year. I'll probably head out around 5-ish.

Sunday, March 4th - I'll be around all day again in cosplay as Juno Steel from the Penumbra Podcast. That cosplay is pretty much done, I just need to figure out some intricacies with props and pose:

So far, I have to finalize outfits for both characters, but hair/makeup is looking great and I'm excited to take these cosplays on...uh, public transportation...

We'll have to see how that goes.

Anyways, hope I can see some of you guys there!