January 1, 2018

Grand Re-Opening

*falls out of the void and crash-lands in 2018* Oh my gosh, hi.

Thanks for sticking it out with me. College apps, my first quarter of community college (dual enrollment rocks!) and my first big show with the theatre department really took it out of me. And now I'm ready to do literally the same thing except with scholarships and now my good old gaming blog. Let's break down how things have been, how things are going, and how things will be...

I got a bus pass over the summer and went to really see Pike Place Market!

1. How Have Things Been?

  • Life: I've applied to six colleges and have gotten into one so far. I'm having a great time taking classes at a community college, and that's working a lot better for me than high school classes were. I know there was some concern expressed over my vent-post in March, and I want to extend my greatest thanks for giving me a place to be angry for a little while. I'm really glad to have made this change.

    Robotics and theatre are going really well. I'm a hardware lead, a company actor, and the house manager for the company. They keep me pretty busy, but I've finally made some awesome friends.

    I've gotten really into podcasts, and I still try to game whenever I can. It's a little hard to find time for the latter, but now that I have a couple more games for my DS, I can play on the go just a little more.

2. How Are Things Going?
  • Gaming: I'm still playing a bunch of GW2, though a lot less than in the summer. I'm working through HoT story with Brissta (80/Ranger) and trying to level Cricket (44/Rev) a little more. I also fell in love with Lexxa (23/Engi) so we'll see how my priorities pan out.

    I'm playing more Don't Starve Together recently with my hardware buddy, which is great, except that I suck at DST. Oops. Also dipping into NieR: Automata some more and falling more in love every minute.
  • Podcasts: I'm listening to Wolf 359, The Penumbra Podcast, and TANIS. I'm waiting patiently for new seasons of Alice Isn't Dead and The Orbiting Human Circus (Of the Air). I found a good stopping place for Welcome to Night Vale and am at peace with not listening to it much anymore. I'm considering writing about podcasts, but we'll see.

I've been busy at robotics! 

3. How Will Things Be? 
  • I'm going to try to do a weekly round-up post of what I've been up to. I consume quite a bit of content, and I've been aching to write about it again.
  • What if I don't have any gaming/pods/cosplay/con news that week? 
  • Here's where it gets scary, so I hope you're ready
  • I'll write about whatever happened that week. A short bit, maybe just a captioned picture. But there we have it, an update. 
  • Basically, I'm looking to write with a lot more transparency about my life. I don't need to be some (insert sparkling) gaming opinions authority. I'm just...me. 
  • I've done some thinking lately about how I used to see blogging, having come from the KingsIsle gaming community. I now realize that I have a lot more freedoms than I thought I did, and I'm going to enjoy them- hopefully with all of you. This flexibility will help me maintain the blog especially as I begin going to college next year, 
  • because holy crud, guys.
  • I started this blog when I was eleven
  • and now I'm going to friggin' college. 

So....yeah. That's how it's all been, is going, will be. Can't wait to kick off the new year with you guys! 

I need to catch up with a ton of you, so if you feel inclined to comment, let me know - How was 2017? 

hugs and kisses

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