January 6, 2017

School's Being Nasty, So Here's An Apologetic Blog Post That's Really Just Salt

I report to you live from inside a fort made of textbooks, packets of AP English readings. It smells like rehearsal and tea, and I'm frankly pretty miserable. I've been dragging myself through hours of homework on top of rehearsals for shows and build sessions for robotics, and it's been hell. Just complete hell.

Listen, I know most of my readers have already graduated high school, and had done so some time ago. I don't know what the hell happened between your graduation and my junior year, but everything in this system is so goddamn messed up. Students are out here missing meals, sleeping 3-4 hours a night, and going to school with infections like strep, mono, and the flu because missing classes is more disastrous than infecting everyone, and we're all okay with that because we would do the same.

And to top it off, students are getting dangerously mentally ill from the stress of it all. And there's nothing schools are doing about it. Nothing. Just "make sure to eat a balanced meal" or "get some sleep" or "make sure to stay on top of your grades" and it's a big, messy pick-two situation that leaves nobody happy in the end. I would do something about it, but I'm also trying to stay afloat.

We're expected to do it all. Good grades, play sports, appreciate the arts, do community service, have a job. Have friends, have hobbies. Be happy. If we don't have the first, we're lazy. If we don't have the second, we're inhospitable and cold. If we don't have the third, we're unreliable. Nobody can do all of this and yet it's expected of my generation. We should not be under pressure to do the impossible. Should not.

I've only had time to play GW2 lately, which makes my stacks of games to review so depressingly tall that I'm not sure how to even start it. I really want to get a full grasp of Starr Mazer: DSP, as well as Feist, finish my big thing on No Man's Sky, and...okay. Listen. I'm just getting angry and stressed so I'm going to post a picture of my level 80 Guardian and just kind of disappear for a little while again.

I don't know how long it will take me to dig myself out to a point where I can get back on track. It looks so completely unprofessional of me, but I have to focus on trying to take a shower every day and still somehow get my homework done. Good riddance, American schools. Good. Riddance.

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