Three Great Games I Played at GeekGirlCon

Photo by Clare McGrane on Geekwire, in an article about my panel about women in games!

Wow, this past week has been crazy! After having a blast at GGC paneling and playing games, I immediately fell ill and spent the better part of the last several days coughing, sleeping, and catching up on work. I'm up to all sorts of junior-year mayhem, from calculus to taking my PSAT tomorrow, so playing games has been a really nice luxury lately. I did happen to get on GW2 and make a Charr Guardian character, so that was lots of fun.

I've also been having a really, really fun time playing Starr Mazer DSP, a game that was given to me to play and review (yes, review coming soon!). Starr Mazer DSP was one of many awesome games I got to give a shot at GeekGirlCon this year, where the video gaming section was slightly larger and included a VR area and a co-op lounge as well as a row of single-player games. There are three games that truly stood out to me.

Gurgamoth is a local co-op game by Galvanic Games. The mechanics are fairly simple - Players face off in an arena chosen at the beginning of the game, which comes with its own challenges and features, from death rays to walls that need to be crashed into in order to be made lethal. Asteroid-like structures can be activated in a player's favor, and players can push and dodge for simple, fun fighting. I had a really good time playing with a developer and some other con-goers.

I was given a code for Gurgamoth, but unfortunately, I don't have a lot of friends that can come over to my place to play with me, so it might be some time before I get very good at facing off against 3 AI to do a proper review. Lots of fun, though, I would suggest this game for anyone hosting a party.

I spent SO much time playing Knight Squad by Chainsawesome Games at GGC! Another local co-op game with different types of play, this one features a lot more lonely-person-friendly modes where AI can be tweaked or turned off. Each character controls a knight, and using A to attack or interact on a controller, players can fight, kick a soccer ball around, capture flags, and do lots more with all the game's modes. I really loved playing this game and got to experience a new game every round.

Like Gurgamoth, I would suggest Knight Squad for anyone hosting a party - this game can take up to eight people playing!

This game. This GAME, you guys. It's so good! I love it to bits and pieces. The premise is simple enough to pick up immediately- The G'ell, an invading alien race, need to be fought back against by the finest pilots that you can afford with the points you can accrue from every run fighting. Each ship is piloted by someone slightly different in personality and flair, and there are lots of people to choose from each with different attack patterns and special talent.

Things I love about Starr Mazer DSP by AGM PLAYISM:
  • range of characters (diversity, yes!!)
  • voice acting (so good)
  • easy to learn, tough to master 
  • great music 
I would suggest this to anyone who wants to blow something up without feeling under too much pressure to think as hard. There can be a lot of smart strategery involved if you want to, but if you're just there to make ships sink, then this game has it, too. 

Other Games I Played

I played so many cool games at GGC, like the games above, and other titles like Elisnore and Buddy and Me. Check them all out if you can! I love how GeekGirlCon is starting to show more and more video games, and I look forward to getting to try more next year. 


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