Sonja's PAX Overview: Day 1

Welcome Back to PAX! - Every year, I tell myself I'll write about my PAX adventures by the day, and I always end up too tired to even try. So I'm challenging myself to do a 3x3x3 - Write about three games, write about three photos, and write about three other things related to the con on all days except Saturday, which will be a cosplay special. So, let's give this a shot! 

Three Games

1. Pyre by Supergiant Games

I played Pyre to start off my PAX experience. I adore Supergiant and everything they put out, so I was naturally jumping around with excitement as I stood in line for twenty minutes waiting to play. Pyre's demo lasts anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes depending on your play style, and I think I got through at about thirty-ish. It's a long wait, but it's very, very worth it. I love how Pyre connects a lot of the great points of Transistor and Bastion and highlights them in something that feels pretty different at the same time. I was completely immersed by the gorgeous soundtrack and astounding visuals, and I can't wait to see how this game progresses into completion.

Watch a trailer for Pyre here! (Also, I picked up an awesome Bastion bandana and I'll be wearing it all con.)

2. Va-11 Hall-A 

I didn't sit down to demo this game, but I sure stood and watched for a while. I had no idea that bartending could be taken to such a serious level in RPG gaming, and if I had to settle on only one title to buy (within my price range!), this is probably it. I'm going to go back on Sunday and give it a good, honest play or two. Check it out in the back of the IMB if you're at PAX!

Watch the trailer for Va-11 Hall-A!

3. No Man's Sky

OK, am I still the only one head over heels for No Man's Sky? I'm working on a post about that... No Man's Sky was available at the Nvidia booth, and while I was in a hurry, I'm looking forward to going back and getting my fighting skills to a higher degree without facing consequences on my own save. The wait didn't seem to be very long, and that's probably due to the backlash the game has gotten, but there were still a few people playing, and all four computers were occupied.

Three Photos 

I had the perfect spot in the Annex line. It was just inside of the tunnel on 8th, so there was a good mix of light and dryness. We got moved out into the rain soon enough, though, thanks to the need to squish us all together. I didn't really mind, though - I made some new friends and that's what it's all about. Plus, Cookie Brigade came by and I got something to help the time go by a little sweeter.
I knelt in this picture in order to snatch the H1Z1 King of the Kill pin, which is available to the first 500 people every day who go to the Twitch Partner Lounge and show a picture shared on social media. It was really fun to get out there in the atrium and not be afraid to make a silly pose. (More on that later in this post.) 
Friday isn't a big cosplay day, but I still saw a lot of awesome costumes. This was the only one I took a picture of, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. "Do you want me to dab?" the cosplayer asked, to which I responded, "My dude, dab it out." It was one of the last things I did today and it makes me smile every time. Instinct or Extinct!! 

Three ??? 

1. I'm really starting to step out of my shell. 

A big issue for me at past PAXes has been that I've been too shy to get out there and get my picture taken or demo a game with the devs watching over my shoulder. This year, I'm making a conscious effort to give that all up and try out everything I can! In total, I posed for five photo booths today and even had a GIF made of me (how crazy is that?!). I also tried so many games at the Megabooth, and I'm really proud of myself for getting out there and having a fun time.

2. I'm not sick yet. 

Normally, I come down the PAX Pox by the end of day two and it's just a nasty time for everyone. However, I'm feeling just fine! I've taken a very serious initiative to not touch my face or anything possibly covered in germs. I am missing hand sanitizer, though, which is a problem I intend to fix tomorrow.

3. Food. Is. Expensive. 

I really need to start bringing a lunch! I tried to go to my favorite Indian restaurant, which is right outside the con center, but it was packed. D'oh - the only other time I'd gone had been during GGC! I guess I'll be without the miracle-chai this time around. Food is way too expensive (though the Forager Sandwich at the con center is delicious).

PAX DAY 1: Spark Dabbing/10, would demo again!