PAX Overview Day 2: Cosplay Chaos

playing Open Sorcery
Hello! I've promised to do a 3x3 for PAX - Three games, three photos, and three reflections - for every day of the con. However, since I was in cosplay on Saturday, I feel that I couldn't get the optimal 3x3. So, instead, have a 1x3x1...

Game - Open Sorcery

This game. THIS GAME. THIS GAME!! When I stopped by the booth, those promoting it were excited to see Undertale characters, and I was more than happy to sit and get a few tail-included photo ops while trying out a new game. But, what I didn't expect at all was to be sitting down to what just might be my next big review. Open Sorcery, where you take the role of a network security system in a world where the technological and supernatural dance on the same floor, is told through text over harsh tones, bringing shades of color to a black and white world through gorgeous poetry and reflection. The child-like naiveté of the firewall combined with the tragic real-life situations it learns to manage is touching, and I can't wait to sit down a really play this game.

It was SO COOL meeting other UT cosplayers! Sorority Squat MTT shared
the issue my group faced with sore feet, so we stood for a quick picture then walked off to
take sits.

I also especially remember the people that reached out to us and loved our cosplay! We met
this Prince Zuko at the IMB and had an excited selfie while we tried not to
block the hall. The cosplayer's excitement really made my day. I also remember
taking a picture with a kid who began spilling UT facts as she stood for a picture with us. <3
Makeup was absolute hell. It took two hours to get Alphys, Undyne, and Frisk all ready to go!
But, I really loved the results and I got a ton of compliments for the intricacy of the scales.
If you guys are interested in a tutorial for Alphys and Undyne, let me know and I'll
record a video! 
Reflection: Cosplay sucks sometimes...but I love it so! 


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