So I Just Got Pokemon GO

Rest in Peace, my phone battery...

Anyways, it's been great so far! For those who have been completely blind to the whole world for the past day, Pokemon GO (real-life Pokemon exercise-encourager phone app from god) is here and ready to play for anyone who's in the US, Australia, New Zealand, probably Canada by tomorrow, and ready for servers to be crash-y as heck!

My first impressions are as follows:
  • Character style is kind of cool. I chose the male character because his hair was closer to mine and I liked his pants. I wish style options included more variety between pieces instead of just color differences, but I'm alright with it. This game is about Pokemon, not me.
  • OK, whoever took the name Soultamer ought to battle Pokemon with me for who gets the name
  • So I would definitely want to jog everywhere with this. It's fun to run around and actually get random rewards in the shapes of happiness. Plus, there are a ton of little shop stations across town, so it wouldn't be hard for me to keep having a good time.
This is the 'please don't walk into traffic' screen
  • When do the break-and-enter charges happen?
  • The Zubat I wanted was in my neighbor's yard.
  • Pokemon GO, rated M for Morality Crises
  • When are we going to call them Gokemon?

  • Phone dead, went back to write a blog post
  • Segment ideas include: GoPro Pokemon GO runs, Pokemon GO hunts with Seattle Crew, portable phone battery charger reviews
  • My Pokemon Journey starts tomorrow. Yes, because I'm lazy, I didn't start straight out of Pallet Town the second I got my starter and in fact spent one last night at home. More soon...


  1. This game definitely makes me want to go outside and collect all kinds of Pokemon. Every day I get excited lol

  2. Nice to meet fans of Pokemon Go game here. Yep, it is really addictive game and all my friends including me are crazy by it!


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