April 9, 2016

Replaying Games

I'm not one for replaying games. I find going through the same storyline again, even if an ending is different or if there's different flavor text, just boring. So, when I finish a game for the first time, I put it down. I finished Transistor a few nights ago. Awesome game, would totally recommend, but that's not the point of this post. Let's get into the meta here, actually: After I finished, I thought to myself four things:

1. What a fantastic game, I'm going to go and write a post about it!
2. Hey, this reminds me a lot of Bastion. That post should be about the comparison of them both.
3. OK, so do I actually remember a lot about Bastion?
4. No.

That's where I got a little stuck. Many things felt just like Bastion, whether it was the plot direction, or the home base, or whatever was on my mind. But as I generated examples, I realized that none of them were solid, and that was due to that it had been a year since I played Bastion at all. The thought of a replay crossed me for a moment, and I kind of rejected it at first, deciding that I knew the story well enough and could Wiki whatever I needed. But did I, really? What was Wiki-ing forgotten details in the spirit of being someone who plays games and blogs about them as a hobby? With a habit like that, I suppose I could search up any game and get the information I need without actually playing it, and I wasn't about to do that.

It was at this point that I came upon one of the things that I always advertised to people when persuading them to play Bastion, but never actually got myself around to: Replay value. Bastion has different modes of play to encompass different kinds of players. No Sweat Mode, where getting defeated had little meaning in play, was meant for people who came for the story, though I used it because I didn't have a controller and movement was hard. There was still a Normal Mode, a New Game Plus mode, and even an online competitive mode for me to try out. There was still so much Bastion to give a try that putting it down at the end of the story and expecting to never open it up again suddenly felt stupid.

In my Normal Mode file, I'd only just gotten to the Bastion before conking out for twelve hours (oops). I'm planning to play through the game on Normal Mode, though, not only to get a Fuller Bastion Experience (tm) but to as well have some better material with which I can compare Transistor to. I'm not sure what it would take me to replay some other games that don't have options like Bastion does, but I'm interested in finding out. I think I feel Dear Esther calling to me...

Which games have you replayed? Are there any other games that have great replay value? 


  1. These days, I can't even "finish" a game, let alone consider myself able to "replay" one! ;)

    1. I understand what it's like to be too busy to finish games...or is it that you're not finding something that sticks? Either way, that's frustrating, hope you find the change you need.

    2. Well, it's a good kind of problem to have, presumably. Too many games, spoiled for choice, not enough time.

      To top it off, many games these days aren't the "finishable" type, eg. there's always another match to be played in FPSes, RTSes, 4X games, etc. and MMOs are never done until the servers shut down.

    3. Ah, I see what you mean! Hmm...when would you consider yourself done with an "unfinishable"-type game, or how does the attention paid to that type of game over time generally play out?


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