March 6, 2016

Kielbasa, Gigantic, and Pre-Order Mania

(pictured above: Pakko, the new hero in Gigantic!) Hey, all. If you don't frequent my Twitter feed, then the hot news is that I've been so completely overworked for the past few weeks, and the load won't lighten until exactly a week from now. Just remember that there are The Wolf Among Us and No Man's Sky write-ups on the way- They're looking great, but it's hard to focus when all I can think about are related to the Washington State Noxious Weed List.

Have a plant fact before I try to string together a post: Did you know that the Latin name for the "Princess Tree" includes the word 'Tormentosa'? Some princess. Heh.

A Slice of IRL

I got to meet up with fellow Seattle bloggers yesterday. In total, we were six - Jessica (@heyitsliore), Kodra (@kodra22), Tam/Chris (@tamrielo), Talarian (@talarianjs), BBill8ble Meowers (@0utofbeta), and myself - and we ate out at Rein Haus, a lovely German place in Capitol Hill. Was awesome tearing myself away from spreadsheet-filling.

We talked a lot about other bloggers' posts during the meeting, and from the realization that I hadn't posted in weeks, I found out that it didn't really take a huge, uber-informative post to get people talking. It was a huge relief to hear, and it makes me feel a lot better about posting these unfocused updates. Nice meeting up with everyone! Food was great!

Meanwhile in the Arena

no original screenshots because matches as stealth machine are demanding
just kidding I'm lazy
I've been playing Gigantic whenever I make myself take a break, just a match at a time. Seeing the new beta patch has been super exciting, though that's been limited to testing purchases, watching others play Pakko, the adorable new character, or almost loading into the new arena and getting kicked back to the home screen. Players received a beta key in an announcement e-mail to share with a friend, and from that I may begin bringing up another friend of mine - Wolf - whose exploits may frequent the Gigantic posts.

As a player, I've been trying to become more and more acclimated to Tripp. I'm working on one skill at a time, and I'm really starting to get a hang of it. As a Suck Player (tm), my best game so far has been 14/7/10. Getting better!

Lately, people in the forums have been wondering about when our accounts will be wiped, as in at which stages, etc. I personally hope there are no more wipes at least until the game hits open beta, but perhaps not even then. However, for when the game hits live in general, I'd like to see a grand wipe of all the accounts. Would be nice for the CBT folks to have one free character unlock or a crowns/rubies reward, though.

Pre-Order Mania

At the brunch, we discussed The Division a whole lot, from mall fights to player interaction. Some of us had already pre-purchased the game, while others of us were on the fence. I remembered the No Man's Sky pre-order launch just a few nights ago, and especially how I didn't waste a single second before purchasing. Will I eventually turn around and do the same for The Division? Will I stay on the fence?

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