March 16, 2016

Alpha Sapphire, My Escape

btw - Kale Ginger Jamba Thing only 6/10 
When I picked up my DS over the weekend, I was only really intending for it to be a convention take-along so I could have some fun in lines, or to battle Pokemon with my friends. And while the only title I have is currently in the Pokemon line, I have come to realize that my DS is going to mean a whole lot more to me than I expected.

Over the past few weeks, I've been cramming in so much work day after day that it's taken a serious toll on everything. Since I practically live at the Barnes and Noble now, I've spent a ton of time out of the house and away from my gaming computer. That's meant no GW2 (sorry, Bass...), no The Division, and no time to really sit and blog even if I can update things from my Mac. That hasn't been very fun. But all in all, my efforts came out with very good results, and I'm back on the agenda with slightly milder pressure. But still, that's a lot of time without much gaming.

Thank you
Picking up Pokemon Alpha Sapphire was a big move for me. I've loved Pokemon for as long as I can remember, and my pre-blogging days featured many attempts at getting in on the TCG spectrum, a ton of anime-watching, and long hours on Bulbapedia that continued on as I fantasized one day playing the games. Time passed. I got into D&D and put down the paperback Pokedexes, and found more potential in a gaming PC than a DS or a Wii. On I went, watching my friends enjoy their copies of Black/White, which became B2/W2, which became X/Y... And finally came my time after OR/AS.

Since my mindset lived somewhere between generations 1 and 2 of starters, evolutions, and lore, getting the most recent title was something I came onto uneasily even with the premise of OR/AS being slightly different, but after enough convincing from friends I went along with it so that I could just be more current with  those on my friends list and be able to better report on recent news and happenings. But I quickly felt the benefit of having a new, flashy title that I could talk about with others easily and that my friends could give me tips on.

When I discovered how magical Streetpass and the pedometer were, I started carrying my DS along with me in my backpack, which goes with me wherever I go. And slowly, I feel that my DS has begun eeking its way into my life in general. Seeing the Streetpass notifier light up has been a serious pick-me-up, and playing through a trainer fight or two on the bus has been able to bring me from the normal gloom of the day to a verdant, exciting atmosphere long enough to make me excited and motivated to keep myself going strong for the rest of the day.

Besides, I think I know where I'd much rather be for a little between life's drag and Hoenn, and having energy is much more beneficial when it's come from Shirley the Gyarados than having taken a desperate five-minute nap. I have to say that getting my DS is a decision I'm going to absolutely love and cherish. Here's to more good times!

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