Five People You'll Meet in Town of Salem

Town of Salem is home to such a diverse community of players that every match's differences are nearly dependent on the people taking on the roles. This said, there are some kinds of people that just keep on popping up, and they can be either a joy or a sanity-breaker to play with. Let's have a quick overview.

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1. Roleplayer ('cos nothing bad ever happens in THIS town)

The roleplayer is a joy to have when they're in company of others, but alone, it's an awkward mess of yeas, nays, and fancy language. Their minds are in Town of Salem from their wills to their death notes to their expressions in chat. In enough numbers, roleplayers can form some of the most intense, strategy-based games.

One nice upside to this is that game-crashing will be virtually non-existent among these folk. Game-crashing, an offense that's report-worthy in games when players betray their roles just for spite, is plain no fun, and the roleplayers let off a lot of that risk. Oh, did I mention that a roleplaying mafia is the best thing, too?

2. Your Friends

Your friends. You probably referred them for the cool pet or themed discussions avatar. But who am I to judge?- Maybe they would have liked the game and you were just doing yourself a favor by doing them a favor.

Either way, your friends are there in your match and they're after your skin. They know what you're a fan of and they know your little tricks well enough to sniff you down out of the pack and barrage you with whispers, send their mafias against you, or occasionally heal you when given the choice of lives to save. It's their choice, really, and it was yours to let them into the match. Good luck.

3. Ultimate Fan

I spent one of my latest games as Papyrus, seeing that another character was named Sans. (If you aren't familiar, these are Undertale references. Great game - do play.) Even though Sans used this to murder me on the second night, I spent a single day's chat not only showered in extreme levels of excitement and skeleton puns, but I also made some friends that I got to add to my list of in-game acquaintances after the match.

Fans are awesome in Salem. Chat gibberish can turn into fierce rivalries bound by fiercer connection and companionship when the entire 104th Infantry of the Survey Corps gathers within the confines of Wall Salem to go and save/kill/burn/troll humanity. Fan connections add to the risk in the game, as people can either use these as saving graces for fellow fans or even lures to trick skeleton siblings into letting their guard down.

Still haven't forgiven you, Sans...

4. Madame Tarnation du Flummery

I've been getting an absolute kick out of Town of Salem's changes to its swearing filter. Favorite four-letter words become terms like 'tarnation' and 'flummery', giving another rich, inside-joke-tainted layer to the player community and the game as a whole. And, as usual, there will be that one madame or monsieur in your match who takes usage of these words to the extreme.

Excessive swearing has been used as a Jester tactic before, and if anything, it's just entertaining to see the changes without experiencing too many differences to the game politics thanks to the modifications. This was a strong, well-constructed move on BlankMediaGames' part, and I applaud it in thought of the varied audience ages and with a loud guffaw along with anyone in on the joke.

5. Hopefully the Jester...

...because this person is so annoying that you'd lynch them even if they weren't a Jester at all.

Town of Salem is a fantastic game with all sorts of people interested in playing. Give it a try if you haven't yet. Know any other interesting types of players that frequent the town? Tell your story in the comments below!


  1. That last one. I know the feels.



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