November 1, 2015

One Day Cosplay: William T. Spears

When I heard that it was going to be storming on Halloween, I realized that I could neither be a faun nor Wilson to an outdoor geek event that I was going to. So, at six in the morning on Halloween day, I proposed that I would put together a new costume. After a lot of work, caffeine, and mumbling around on Twitter, I completed a successful cosplay of Black Butler's William T. Spears to go with the Grell Sutcliff and Sebastian Michaelis who were both attending. 

Kuroshitsuji ch. 27

Closet Cosplay

"Closet Cosplay" is a term I give to cosplays that, for the most part, can be made from very common items found in a closet, kitchen, or bathroom. For William T. Spears, it couldn't be truer. Given that I had to buy a couple of items that I didn't have or were damaged, like leather-like gloves and a dark tie, all the parts of the worn costume could be found in a closet or borrowed. 

When it comes to closet cosplay, it's important to still be taking into consideration the wearability and sometimes breatheability of the items you have. Even if you have a nice vest, it may not be the right cut for the costume. Depending on how dedicated you are to the character, it may demand a trip out. For me, I had to be as specific as possible since Spears' getup looked similar to Sebastian's. Luckily, I love wearing blazers and vests outside of cosplay, so I had a selection to choose from. 

scythe progress

Getting Creative

The most difficult part of my costume was making Spears' 'scythe' (given that he's a Grim Reaper of sorts, and that all the reapers in the show reap with garden tools). The scythe was extendable, but I wasn't too concerned with achieving that aspect. However, I ran into some luck within the depths of my garage. A single curtainrod, left over from some project, lay alone. I found myself able to extend and collapse it easily, except that one side kept completely ejecting itself. I found my solution with some thread and tape to keep it still when fully extended and ensure safe collapse when let free-fall down. 

For the blade, I looked up some references from other cosplays and mimicked some ideas, cutting out cardboard and then more cardboard for the base and detailing. It took me a long time and I had to make sure the blade was identical on both sides, but the results were fantastic. I painted over with a few layers of acrylic paint. 

The Results

...were fantastic. My put-on time was twenty-eight minutes and thirty seconds, which was at least six times as long as Wilson and could possibly be just as long as the faun put-on. Considering that my faun costume had much more elaborate pieces and dreadfully difficult makeup, this was surprising, but also understandable in that there were more pieces and the hair was difficult to get correct. 

I was able to surprise Grell and Sebby with my costume at the event, and we had a fun time being in character together, Grell clinging to Sebastian while I threatened to take off Grell's overtime pay for it. Sebastian and I had a short duel in which I wielded my scythe. I didn't have too many difficult costume complications except that the end of my scythe keeled over and I had to take the duct tape/popsicle stick approach to get it back up hastily. Still, I'm proud of how things went. 

I learned a lot from one-day cosplay, not only about the craft and cunning of the activity, but as well about my own drive and determination put to the test when challenged. I...uh, also learned what too much coffee felt like...

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  1. Totally fascinating. I love your process and you style of sharing it with us. Honestly, I think the "Twitter mumblings" were the best part :D Just love these. It will never get old.


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