November 24, 2015

GW2: Offroading the Shiverpeak Mountains

I did some soul-searching the other night when my power came back on.

Crept around a peak for some time, looking for an Arctodus to take home. 

Fluffy therefore became mine in a matter of minutes. 

Found refuge at the Priory, and lost myself in the great view. 

Left to the dangerous drifts again once I parted myself from the hidden knowledges. 

It was lonely out there. I don't think I saw a single other person between dangerous drifts. 

Spent some time herding some Dolyak. Spotted another player or two as I herded and fed and revived the creatures. 

It was then off to being alone again...

...until around me the snow melted away... 

...and with a brand new challenge I was faced, the Shiverpeaks at my back. 

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