"Nathan Fillion, Please Take Off Your Pants" - Geek Girl Con '15 Day 0

I'm proud and incredibly honored to be holding a press badge this year for one of the geekiest events of the Seattle convention year - Geek Girl Con! Run by an amazing staff of volunteers and other types of magical beings such as those, the night before the convention entailed music, chit-chat, and great food at the Hard Rock Cafe. The event was created to please - and boy did it succeed at that.

Welcome to the Party

The atmosphere of the Hard Rock is one meant for the party scene. Walls adorned with portraits of Seattle stars and musical memorabilia from decades of the past, the ambience is bold but chill at the same time, lighting dim and spaces complete with outlets and places to both stand and sit by the stage.

I started my night off by picking up my shiny media badge and running into Danielle, the media coordinator for the convention. It was fantastic to get to meet her so soon, and with that, I was on my way into the madness. However, the madness was a welcoming one, filled with people in cosplay and the excitement for the convention. I got a plate of food (those burgers, I'm telling you - nicely done, Hard Rock) from the little salad-and-slider-and-doughnut-buffet, finding some space at a table with a few others. Awesome, so friends already.

Catnip Sandwiches and New Friends

I was quick to ask, after some small talk, if they knew how to play Exploding Kittens. Since I was on a tight schedule, I had almost everything that I needed for the convention in my current handbag at the time, so I naturally carried with me my deck of Exploding Kittens by The Oatmeal. I quickly got a game going and got to chat about the convention over explosions, Unicorn Quesadillas, and...uh, "Nope!"-ing. (It's an Exploding Kittens thing.)

I soon came to realize that Exploding Kittens would be my ticket into making even more new acquaintances. Games of three turned to games of five, diabolical planning thick throughout each match as we passed the cards around. I lost all three times I played, but I did get to poke at a lot of cool people, including Meredith from the "Ask An Astronomer" panel to be coming up this weekend. Unfortunately, I'll be missing the panel, but Meredith is awesome and I would totally be there if there wasn't an interference with a gaming opportunity. I expressed my gratitude in playing Steal Card opportunities until I got what I needed from her hand, because that's a thing, right?


It occurred to me at this point how networking and trying to hand out business cards like candy wasn't about talking to the right people at the right time, and making new friends didn't need to rely on handing out business cards. In fact, I just needed a little courage and, in this case, a box that meowed when opened, to get to know some cool new folks. Of course, I'll be taking Exploding Kittens with me into the convention center to poke new people over. Thinking of investing in Zombie Dice, too...

"Nathan Fillion, Please Take Off Your Pants"

As we finished our last game, five of us in total, the music began to pick up, this time from the stage. The first band of the night - the only one I got to see, unfortunately - took the mics and introduced themselves as the PDX Broadsides, fresh up from Portland, Oregon. People around me knew the band quite well and informed me that I was in for a treat.

As with any nerd convention needing a concert, the band was of course composed of fellow nerds singing nerdy songs about nerdy topics. The nerd was strong, and thus was the hype in everyone around. The PDX Broadsides started off with two favorite topics of theirs: Norse mythology and...the Muppets? Well, okay. Needless to say, there was a lot of audience flailing involved. They continued to illuminate the evening with funny tunes like "The Girl Who Couldn't Even" which was so totally literally rad, I mean like I'm not even kidding. Other songs, like "Please Don't Ask Me To Smile", brought up important points in the daily life.

One of my favorite songs was a mish-mosh of things that made me smile and cringe at the same time. It went something like:
"Live Long and Prosper," Gandalf said to Harry
"Watch out for Daleks!" the wizard boy replied
Then they went off to save the beautiful Inara
While fighting Darth Vader side by side
(That verse actually appears on a t-shirt of theirs, one that I'm seriously considering buying just to pass off the pain/joy.)

To finish up the set, the Broadsides got the audience to participate in the chorus of one of the funniest songs of the night...yes, named "Nathan Fillion, Please Take Off Your Pants". I'll say it now: There was no shame anywhere in that room. Absolutely none.

After the Broadsides finished their set, I found that I had to go early. It's probably a better move on my part since I'll need all the sleep I can get for the big day tomorrow, but I'm missing the Thundering Asteroids. I had a really great time at the Kickoff Party, and I'm excited to report on all that I encounter on Day 1 of Geek Girl Con 2015!


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