Awake for HoT, and On Being Informed

Long story short, I had a post in the making earlier Thursday afternoon, and...uh, fell asleep on the couch... So have a journal instead.

It's about 11:34 PM at the time of this writing. I woke up at approximately 10:45 and immediately realized that I was supposed to be writing that blog post and that I had just completely wasted my six hours of dedicated work space. However, I did poke a little at my Twitter and realize through my haze of sleepiness that Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns would be released in ample time.

Now a little about Heart of Thorns. As a Guild Wars 2 player, I really should have known more about this, but due to the whirlwind of conventions and crunched worktimes surrounding my purchase of GW2 right before the core game was announced as F2P. At this moment, I'm catching up on the updates via Radio Free Tyria and trying to really gel with what I'm hearing while I work. A lot of this sounds really exciting.

To be honest, I'm a little overwhelmed. I could have poured a little more time into looking through the HoT updates since I've had a few months to, but instead I worked on other things and kept putting it off - and now I'm here, frantically researching. This tends to be a boon of mine in that I find myself often researching on the night before instead of the month before. I don't know if I can fully blame myself since I'm still a rather fresh and new player in the leveling process, but I still owed HoT a little more love than I have.

Does the hype of HoT mean that I'll be playing more GW2? Definitely. With the rush of people covering the game, I'm still a little very behind in leveling and the game itself, and with my lack of time, it's important for me to be caught up when I want to cover the game. As a primarily indie gaming blog, the question of covering GW2 at all comes into mind, but I'd like to do so anyways, given that I really love GW2 and would appreciate the content padding.

Anyways, I suppose those are my thoughts, addled by a lack of sleep. I'm going to go and listen to some music while watching Twitter in await for the big release. I'll see you in the, eventually.