September 21, 2015

With Great Games Comes Great Timekeeping...Or Not.

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Traffic. Car traffic. You know, the kind that clogs up highways for no sensible reason (probably just for an eye-trap some half a mile down from where you're at a standstill) and makes tires move at a quarter mile an hour for what feels like a generation. Traffic is the enemy, or at least, my enemy.

From that, I suppose one could conclude that I'm a rather impatient person. Sure, I can be at times, but when it comes to certain things that are worth waiting for, I'm in it for the long haul. And in this case, I'm talking about games. Whether dates become delayed or remain unannounced entirely, there are some forms of game greatness that just have to be waited for, for one reason or another. In particular, though, there are three games that I'm waiting on.

1. Kentucky Route Zero

I've spoken accolades on Kentucky Route Zero. It's pretty plain to see in my posts that I absolutely love this game and everything to do with it. Each act is cleverly written and interesting to play, new surrealisms popping up around every corner. There's so much to learn from the unresolved plot-ends of the first three acts, and especially from the obscure cliff-hanger featuring the entire main cast that we yet know of. Player choices influence later events, and the entire experience is an absolute marvel to be a part of.

As I mentioned in a post before, Act IV of KR0 is still being worked on. The playerbase has waited upwards of a year for the update, and I personally am still being patient about it. KR0 was an absolute masterpiece and is one of my favorite games to this day, and if the fourth act is going to be just as good as the first three, I can wait a little longer. I suppose that with the most recent update, we can't really lose hope about it. If you're looking to buy the game, I would personally say that the firs three acts are worth the full price, but it's also nice to get it on sale since it doesn't sell by episode - either all or nothing.

Pirate101 screenshot compliments of Beatriz Abbott 

2. Pirate101

I imagine that I still have a lot of my pre-switch audience still lurking this website and waiting for me to mention Pirate101 again. If you fall into that category, then hi! Enjoy these two rambling paragraphs and oh my god please don't slaughter the comments...

Pirate101 is half the reason why this blog still exists and half the reason why it completely changed over. But, oh, that's a story for another day. For being a great, family-friendly game with nice, intuitive mechanics underlaid with a decent coat of tactic for those who delve in deep enough, Pirate101's consistency with updating its storyline have just been havoc-wreaking on its strong community. It's been now over two years since the community has seen a content update, and for people whose sites thrive or thrived on the story and the theorycrafting opportunities, the sudden drop in updates proved disastrous. While I understand completely that great things may take time to put together like in the case of Kentucky Route Zero, a company that has put out updates with better consistency for a long time may be at the end of their line for the story-lovers when it comes to this wait...

...but at the same time, those of us who have stuck around long enough to feel eligible to complain have delved into the story deep enough to need to know what happens. I'm in no way satisfied with the current scenario, but when things pick back up, I'll definitely be buying a temporary membership to blast through whatever's next - it'd better be good.

3. Crowfall

Oh, Crowfall! Having recently started its pre-alpha testing period, Crowfall by ArtCraft Entertainment (co-founded by J. Todd Coleman, who previously worked on Pirate101 up there) has caught the eyes of all sorts of MMO enthusiasts. I'm definitely excited, having funded the Kickstarter and signed up early for the first beta phase of the game. As Crowfall is still in its early, early phases of development, there's still a long wait before even beta testing begins - some say as late as late 2016 - but by what I've seen and heard, it's definitely going to be worth the wait.

Bonus Points: Gigantic 

While I comb through the NDA and see what I can and can't do, I'm waiting until 1) the NDA is lifted comfortably enough that I feel like I can really talk about how much I'm enjoying it and 2) servers start going up during the week. Seriously, I really want to catch a match or two when I wake up at 4:30 for games.

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