The Early Morning Gamer

I'm the one poking at Twitter at four in the morning, face genuinely contorted into some sort of crazy grin fueled only by the obnoxious burst of energy from waking up. I'm the one forming coherent sentences in the GameVox and sniping the earliest mobs. Fear me, for I am the early morning gamer, and I'm here to have a really fantastic rest of day.
I am the breakfast time tactician. Waking up at four in the morning to play games comes with quite an appetite after a session, and I have all sorts of things to quickly whip up or microwave. I do enjoy cooking, and if I want to, I take a little extra time to. But any breakfast on a wake-up-and-game day is a breakfast of champions, whether it be eggs, leftovers, or something completely off the rocker.

I am the get-up-and-go lady. If I powered through an above-level mob for twenty minutes straight before retreating, armed with a low-grade weapon and no healing supplies, then I can do anything. And if I didn't? Well, not much is going to be that hard, anyways.

I am the rush-hour procrastinator extraordinaire. You bet I'm going to make those seven o'clock feed checks, and you bet I'm not going to pace things out at all over the days between posts. No way! (Besides, I'm too busy...uh, memorizing all the streets in Divinity's Reach. You'll never know when that comes in handy.)

I am the caffeine denier. I don't need coffee. I only need Guild Wars 2 and weekend Gigantic and Bioshock Infinite to wake me up and keep me up all day with anticipation of playing in the evening.

Just kidding. More tea over here, please and thank you.

I am the source of three-thirty ideas, scrawled with my left hand on a notepad by my pillow or hastily microphoned into a note on my phone, only to remain with me in my head and in text for another few minutes before I get up even earlier. The morning is my domain, and greeting it early is just extended embrace.

I am the morning gamer.


  1. As someone who wakes up at 3am every day, I identify greatly with this post!


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