September 5, 2015

PAX Prime 2015: Free Emotional Merchandise

Why should I have been posting in the past few days (besides Blaugust)?: PAX was awesome.
Why haven't I been posting in the past few days?: PAX. Was. Awesome.

That's pretty much it. PAX Prime 2015 was a complete and utter success for me as I made the very most of the convention atmosphere. I have plenty of different stories and excitements to share over this coming week or two, but there's one big thing that I want to cover, and it's that PAX gave me a lesson on Day One that halted the flow of blog posts completely for the entire weekend.

A large part of PAX is the free merchandise that is available to the attendees. From Behemoth, that's a cinch bag and lanyard. From others, it's posters and pins and beta codes and all sorts of other things. I was lucky to get a lot of merchandise, both bought and taken freely, this year, and I'm really happy with the entire haul. Within it, I have two hats, two plushes, a scarf, two posters, three t-shirts, several beta codes, and more pins than I can keep track of!

Here, a picture of the Bastion pin and soundtrack that I bought. I freaking love this game.

Here, a beefalo I bought from Klei.

And here, the awesome hat that I got from the Behemoth merch shop. It helped me stay warm in the chilly Omegathon line.

These items filled my backpack almost completely by the end of the week, and I found myself struggling to fit in things like cosplay makeup and my wallet to the mess where I could find them. But as I unpacked, I found a small item, kept together by a hairtie and just barely tampered with over the weekend: My business cards.

"Oh, that's right," I remembered, "I intended to hand these out like they were...uh, free merch." I shrugged and put them back in the box on my bookshelf. I handed out at most ten cards over the weekend. I started to find it funny how I was so excited to promote my blog posts and get more readership, only to have completely abandoned this goal once I started settling into the PAX atmosphere on Day 1. The entire weekend passed by like a haze for me - how was that so? In order to jog my memory, I looked back into my photo album from the event and pieced together what was going on.

...but then, the pictures ran out. Where were all my good times? I started looking through my Twitter for more hints as to what I did. Watched Acq. Inc. Met Gavin Greco. Played tons of games.

And slowly, what I came to find out about it is that all the things I got from the convention, while some material, were mostly emotional. In memory. Things I would hold with me in a very personal way, and not something that could be lost or stolen or destroyed. And that, my friends, is the real magic of it. (Side effects include the common cold and sore feet.)

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