September 11, 2015

Heads or Tails?: On Restarting Bioshock Infinite

Let me start this off by saying that I already know that Bioshock Infinite is an absolute gem. Well-written, gorgeous, and with a great soundtrack to boot, Infinite is actually my first step into its series of games due to a difficult choice during a sale. I absolutely love it and I could consider myself a beginning 'big fan' of the game and its characters...

But the big word here is 'could'. A few days ago, I made the tough decision to completely restart my save file and begin the game from the very beginning, even after making it approximately 65% of the way through the storyline and gameplay.

I'm a reader. I don't read as often as I think I should, but I've always got a book or two to work on reading, and anyone who's been paying attention to my book habits over the summer know that I stop at nearly nothing to get something absolutely finished. (Hint: I've been on Game of Thrones for three months, now.) I'll keep plugging ahead and I really won't continue on something else until I'm completely done. Of course, I've had issues like when I lost Island in the Sea of Time in a suitcase, or when I needed to take a break from The Art of Racing in the Rain to let my head breathe in some peace and Cannery Row quiet.

But enough on books, I talk about games in these parts. When it comes to games, I'm completely different. It takes me a little while to become completely invested in a game, time-wise, and I'm working on four or five titles at once as I get through my morning play sessions. When it came to Bioshock Infinite, I found myself playing it alongside some indies...then Civ...then more indies...then GW2...and by the time I restarted my save, it had been four months. I had more than forgotten quite a few of the characters and important themes, and I was far enough in the game that re-learning things would result in quite a bit of frustration.

And to be honest, patience wasn't a thing I could really sacrifice. Not being a FPS gamer by design, I find my playsessions often cut short by a bout of motion sickness or eye strain when it comes to having to pay such close attention. It's something that's slowly gotten better, but the fact that it's taken its sweet time has proven my time to be slightly wasted as I try to get myself going. Occasionally, I'd also have a friend over who would show interest in playing Infinite, and in time, I was actually working through my save file along with my friend. She'd clear a couple of areas, I'd clear maybe one half as often.

Skip over another few weeks and we've got August, my big convention month. No progress. I sit down in early September thinking I have things really covered - no, not a chance. By the time I open the game back up with a free schedule and open heart, I've forgotten most of my experiences or even how to play effectively in the mid-game areas. I sat on the decision for another day before finally restarting the save file to go through the chaos all over again. It's going to be an adventure just like last time, and though I'm not too excited for revisiting what I've already seen, it's going to be quite something to see if I can really learn to play.

Once and for all, I'm going to make this experience mine. I bought Infinite wanting to accustom myself to FPS games, and I'm going to do just that as well as enjoy the story with full comprehension. Though I'm sure it'll be a daunting task, I'm eager to take it on.

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