September 15, 2015

Geek Girl Con, Extra Life, and Other Opportunities

Brissta reflects on an evening of sniping centaurs to her new friend.

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Hello! Just a fast update post for you guys that isn't exactly centered on a specific topic, but touches on a few things revolving around the theme of opportunity, something I as a blogger fantasize about on the refresh. Over the past week, I've gotten notification of many different opportunities that I can take up over October and November, and I'm excited to share them.

Geek Girl Con 2015

For those unacquainted, Geek Girl Con is a convention in Seattle centered around female roles in literature, comics, science, and video games, among other things. It's a great event for inclusivity, cracking down on popular issues, meeting great people, and is also quite a spectacle for cosplay (or so I've heard). Located in the Conference Center (across from WSCC), it's bound to be a spectacular con with a great turnout and wonderful booths and panels.

I applied to attend the convention as press back around PAX season, and I was surprised earlier this week by the press relations manager to hear that my application had been accepted. Needless to say, it was quite a fantastic morning as I cemented in my plans and got excited. I'm going to be attending the whole weekend (both days, in other words) and may even order a shirt with my custom logo on it just for kicks. I'll definitely be making plenty of posts on what I see this October 10th and 11th.

Extra Life 2015

Extra Life! I remember attempting it last year, only to have the power go out in the middle of my playsession and have things be reduced to creating D&D characters and falling asleep on my living room floor. Oops. Hopefully, things will go a lot better this year, now that I have a nicer computer, a wider range of games, a stream, and a better weather forecast. I'm planning to participate in the larger game day on the 7th, but as well to spread some hours out over October.

For the big day, I'm planning to play: Guild Wars 2, Transistor, Feist, Gigantic (but not on stream unless NDA is lifted), and maybe some Civ with Curly. If I can, I'll try to create a few D&D characters during off-screen time or find someone to play Exploding Kittens with. Because Exploding Kittens.


I'm in the beta! It's awesome. Can't say much else.

NaNoWriMo 2015

I'm...not doing it this year. After #NewbieBloggerInitiative, Blaugust, and trying to do Camp NaNo July, I've decided that I'm completely burned out from monthly challenges. I will, however, be putting a little more spotlight on my writing that month in spirit of the event, and I'll be packing on some extra wordage to what I already have in a manuscript that I've been working on and with all year.

As these events continue on, I'll be updating you guys on how things are progressing (or not). Here's looking forward to the next few months.

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