September 24, 2015

An Inward Journey in Gaming (via Swordroll's Blog)

Two years ago, I had the honor and opportunity of interviewing a fellow for my little blog at the time, Travels of the Thaumaturge. Little did I know, that fellow would soon become a close friend and gaming buddy as the years went on. Though our gaming focuses changed a few times, along with the name of my own website, we remained allies in bloggery. But those two or three years ago, when I created the little interview, I had no idea that I would be here today, writing about so many games and being presented with so many exciting opportunities...and at last, writing up a post to help out that fellow himself.

Hey, there. My name is Sonja, but I’ve also been D.S. Devereaux, and for even longer than that, Destiny Soultamer (whose surname lives on in my gamertags). I blogged about Wizard101 and Pirate101 for three and a half years before expanding my topics and opening my site up to whatever I was playing or working on, changing the name to Soultamer Gaming. Know that I say that it’s been a journey without any lightness to it; The transition and what I learned (and am still learning) from it are lessons that I’ll be carrying for many years of blogging to come.

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