August 24, 2015

Things I'm Going To Do At PAX [Blaugust 22]

Let's play catchup, one post at at time. I'm dedicating this week to all sorts of PAX Prime hype, from my cosplay to my otherwise plans! This will be the first PAX I've attended that I actually understand the goings-on of, so I'm super pumped to relive a few confusing memories in full knowledge and flair...hopefully. Here's what I've got planned for the big weekend.


Friday is going to be long. I'm hoping to get there around opening to breathe in the fresh PAX atmosphere and go frolicking around the convention center to get a feel for it again. I'll be spending most of the time just walking around and familiarizing myself, likely too excited to get in the groove. I'll start at the Indie Megabooth, though, working my way through exhibits and playing whatever I can get my hands on. At 2:30, I'll get in line for the panel "How to Succeed In Game Journalism Without Really Trying" and watch that until 4:30, when I'll speed across the center to get in line for D&D Live with Acquisitions Incorporated. I've been waiting to see this panel live for years. That'll get out at 11:30 and it'll be straight home with me right after.


On Saturday, I'm going in cosplay as Wilson from Don't Starve, as detailed in posts here and here. I'll be spending a lot of time in character, focused more on the acting than anything else. I will, however, be sitting in line with Curly for a certain panel called "People Doing Panel", I'm not kidding. That's the name of the panel. Hoping for something interesting. Besides that, I'll be continuing on my way through the Indie Megabooth as well as making a special stop at Klei Entertainment to show my costume off. I'm hoping to get some photos taken of me as well as the chance to get photos of (and get photos taken with) other cosplayers. It'll be nothing like the Renaissance Faire, but I'm excited for the changes in atmosphere.


Sunday, I'm looking forward to meeting up with a few of my friends for lunch before heading off to an autograph session with Markiplier later in the evening. Besides that, I suppose that I'll choose a AAA line to wait in or maybe go and do something outside of the norm if I've finished my Indie Megaboothing. I'll probably go back there, anyways. If I have time, I'd like to play some D&D and just mingle with people.


Oh, the last day. If I'm not sick and deadbeaten at this point, I'll be sure to play some D&D on this day. Not to mention, I've signed up to demo the Oculus Rift (via their app) just after the con opens, so I'm really excited to give that a shot. I'm not exactly sure what I'll do with my time between D&D, Rifting, and the Omegathon Final Round, but I'm sure that I'll make good use of the day, nonetheless. If I feel like it, I might go in cosplay again. I'm not sure.

I'm still hoping to write blog posts in the morning (probably not in the evening, esp. in the case of Friday) with coverage of all the things I get to encounter at the convention. If I have any loot to share, I'll let you guys know. Also, if any of you will turn up to the convention, let me know! I'd love to distribute a few loving high-fives.

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