August 7, 2015

Renaissance Faire Journal 1 (Blaugust Day 7)

Hey, everyone. I'm at the Renaissance Faire throughout the entire weekend with my friend Stormy and our kick-butt costumes. I’m going to be leaving a short journaling every day detailing what has happened. Next week, I should get back to the gaming content. 

After lots of traveling and traffic today, we're finally at the camp site and got our tent set up (which was kind of a miracle). Unlike last year, it wasn’t raining like crazy, so setting up was a lot easier, especially on a tent that we’ve never touched in our lives. Thanks to some dedication and a lot of sweat, we got it all up and even had some time for interior design afterward so we could get organized. Besides my guitar this year, I’ve brought a fife…not exactly my recorder, but I’ll learn to play it nonetheless - just when everyone is awake. 

Once we’d set up, I immediately walked into the campgrounds to make some new friends. Since we’re going a different weekend than we had last year, I didn’t see any of my old friends. Luckily, I made some new ones. Of note, I met a nice fellow, who I’ll refer to here as The Executioner, after what he explained his costume to be. He told me that his costume had taken him a long time to make, just like ours, but of note was his axe. Made entirely of aluminum, it took him four months to make and then use a CNC to put a pattern into the blade. It was heavy, but pretty awesome to hold for five or six seconds. 

What’s nice is that it’s still sunny out, at this point. What isn’t nice is that it’s blazing hot and there is no shelter from the sun anywhere within the tent. I expect sleeping tonight is going to be quite a challenge. Something that I also worry about is being away from the computer all weekend. What will I miss? Game updates? Exciting news releases? Sales? But just like last year, I know that I’ll sink into it and really appreciate that I’m here in the moment. 

Anyways, I’ll get back to you all tomorrow night. 


  1. I am so excited for you two. It looks like loads of fun. This is an amazingly long post for not having a computer. I loved it and can't wait to hear more. Have tons of fun for me.

    1. Hey, Chrissy! I have a computer, but I have no way to charge it.


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