August 28, 2015

PAX Blog 1: On Getting Into Character (Blaugust 25)

There's this ritual that I have whenever I cosplay that I use to get myself into character - especially on the first day of applying the personality to public. The moment that it's on, I know that I have work to do. And of course, I'm free to do out-of-character things like put on my glasses or make fart jokes when the piece isn't on. For the faun costume, the Character Piece was the collective total of my jewelry - four necklaces, an ear cuff if I had actually brought it, and a bracelet. I remember actually freaking Stormy out a little bit on the second day of the Faire; I put all my jewelry on and immediately began making the faun noises I'd make up the day before. 

For Wilson P. Higgsbury, my Character Piece is most definitely the gloves. As with the jewelry - also bought specifically for the costume (and then some for tradition) - I kind of fell into character when I first put them on. When I finally got the ends of the gloves under my shirt sleeves and comfortably on my palms, I cracked a grin that later went into some of my better photoshoot results. At that point, I was able to really get up and started with the rest of my costume, knowing that it was going to be a complete success. 

Still, there's a level of risk when getting into character. I learned this from the faun pretty quickly - Some people loved the noises and the stomping and the jangling, and many small children stayed far away from me. With Wilson, I have to worry extra about staying in character, given that it's pretty easy for me to act hyper and excitable while it's more difficult to appear restrained and scientific-like. I haven't been able to test this personality in a public setting yet, even just for posing without too much interference with a mirror, but I'm determined to make it work by the end of the con. 

Anyways, happy PAX, everyone. I'll post some pictures on my Twitter today. 

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