On Time (And That I Don't Have Any) [Blaugust 23]

get it, 'cos it's a watch
Time is a wonderful, cherished thing. I take it seriously, waking up early and staying up late out of near necessity. Over the past few years, especially, I've found myself more and more busy, things to do taking up more hours than I'd really like them to - and worse when there are cat pictures to look at! But still, I persist. I play games on the weekends or whenever I can fit them in, blogging when I have enough content or research to write about, and working on my costumes on a set hour and day. And for the most part, it's that "easy".

But at this point, easy seems like such an overestimate of my potentials. I'll say it now that blogging is difficult but lovable, and in that it's hard to get good content out in a timely fashion as Blaugust demands. It may take me hours to type up a post, or in some cases just half an hour (like this one as I try to catch up). The gaming itself takes time, too, and while I love it, I keep finding that real life just gets in the way of a nice sit-down-and-game more often than not.

Blaugust, however, is teaching me new things. I'm used to having a few days to get a single post out, enough to be able to collect myself and type up a review, or play a longer game and do some analysis. That being said, the challenge of writing a post every day has taught me the hard way that not only do I need to ultra-optimize my time, but I need to be even more resourceful than I thought I was before. Instead of just restricting myself to reviews and news-related content, I've been able to write more about myself and my opinions on things (even though it still feels very scary to do so). I've written about my costumes, about writing, about my history of gaming - essentially, so much more than I thought I could will myself to write about.

What about when September hits? I don't think I'll maintain posting daily, but I'll try to keep it that way as much as possible. Maybe every other day? I'll see how it goes, but I've learned now that I don't need these silly, unnecessary restrictions on myself. What if I really do want to post about character development in an MMO that others have mastered? Sure, why not. What if it's a news release that most people know about already? If I've got something to say, I think I'll go ahead and say it, now. Timeliness is secondary to quality, but a post never published is almost never worth deliberating on, anyways. 


  1. As people keep trying to tell me, which I'm still trying to accept deep down, it's not so much the actual thing that people are interested in reading about, and more of "your personal reactions to said thing, and how you tell it, in your own unique voice" that they come to read.

    I still find it supremely difficult to write about merely having enough time to finish routine dailies in an MMO, in a way new enough to satisfy my own critical eye though. I suspect my readers would be more forgiving. :)

  2. Kudos for the photo creativity :D That was fun just imagining you creating it. You will get the timing worked out and whatever you come up with will be just fine with me. I also agree with Jeromai up there, It is your personal reactions to stuff that we love. It is our peek into your soul that endears you to us.

  3. It seemed like it worked really well for people - I have the #nanowrimo coming up which does a very similar thing for book writing. In the month of November you write 50k words to "win" done it several years now and its an amazing way to break through any blocks that prevent me from finding time normally.

    Many gratz to taking part in the blaugust!

    1. I'm a six-time NaNo participant! :) I'm hoping to finish Blaugust next year. :)


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