August 8, 2015

Faire Journal, Day 2 (Blaugust 8)

If I may interject with a personal statement first*...OH MY STARS, MY FEET HURT. Thank you.

One of so, so many photos. That's me in the middle!

8.7.15 11:00? PM

It has been silent for almost an hour, save the karaoke at the pub, when someone started howling like a wolf from the far side of the campgrounds. Before long, it was joined by more howls, drums, flutes, whoops, screams, my fife - though I'm not very good - and an accordion. Wasn't lights-out an hour ago? (One of the Canadians squawked like a chicken, too.)

My friend Beaker


Today was the best Faire day I've ever had. Besides Stormy and I getting pulled for pictures too many times for the both of us to count, we got to meet new people, try new foods (Haggis is on the list of to-try, now), and just enjoy the atmosphere of the Faire as we did last year. We had a breakfast of Fiber One bars, peanut-butter sandwiches, and bananas as well as my homemade iced tea. As soon as it hit the opening hour, though, we were at the gates, cheering and waiting for Nar - Koraki from D&D - to join us. We walked in as a group, two fauns and a fair maiden in a flowing gown, and made out rounds, exploring the shops and interacting with other people.

One of the customs around here is the bowing. Since many in complete Faire costume are in character, the ones who are too shy (or, like me, can't necessarily come up with anything much on the fly) made noises and laugh. From afar, talking wouldn't be much of a viable option, so there was bowing from the men, curtseying from the women, and then odd knee-bends from those in too much of a costume to be able to do too much. Its meaning was entirely context-based and could mean a thank-you, a you-look-really-freaking-awesome, or even a you-look-like-a-press-photographer-oh-my-gosh-please-please-notice-me. Most smaller interactions were okay, like when a small child would approach (you would never believe how many small children walk up and hug the legs, it's actually really funny and cute) and I'd in turn give them a plastic flower. A lot of other people asked for our costuming process, and some even asked if we could do legs for commission. Haha! However, the bowing was always a hello and a goodbye, a cross-festival gesture we were all familiar with.

Things got complicated with the costume besides the bowing. Even simple things like stomping, jumping, and clapping got more complex when things heated up. This was mostly because of my legs, but I also had a corset on because of a malfunction with my original top plan (but luckily, the corset worked out really well). However, we got things done alright, and I was able to aid my interactions with a jingly coin-bracelet that, when I beat my staff on the ground with the same hand, would make quite a bit of noise.

Broon! He is a genius.
We needed the applause, too, when we started going to performances. We didn't see the joust today, but we got to see this fantastic comedian by the name of Broon. He was interactive, witty, and overall hilarious. He knew how to work a crowd really well, taking which jokes we responded to the best and incorporating more like them in. His entire schpeel was that he made comedy that everyone could love and enjoy, pointing out that people of so many different races, religions, sexualities, and music preferences were sitting in that audience, all having a good time together. I think that's something that hit me very strongly - that even though it was kind of a given that the Faire tends to attract a certain kind of crazy (ahem, my kind of crazy), everyone was enjoying one another regardless of anything except that we were all there to enjoy the festival.

Now, we're burned out after a long day of play. I'm hungry for something besides celery and hummus, and thirty for anything I can drink since it got complex with my lip makeup. I got henna tattoos on my hands as well as necklaces for myself and my friends while Stormy bought herself a shortsword from one of the weapons booths. I have quite obscure tans, and we're both elated to have our makeup off. (Still looking forward to the howling.)

TL;DR We watched comedy and gave flowers to people, including Deadpool.

This guy was the chillest cosplayer ever. The. Chillest. Ever.

*Haha, all my statements here are quite technically personal statements.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! Stormy and I worked for four months on them.

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time. The costumes are so wonderful! I love your behind the scenes details! :)

  3. Your posts are very well written, I must say. let me know next year and I would be glad to give you a picture, of the axe if anything. Thanks again, I had a blast, you were a wonderful neighbor.

    1. Tyrone! :D Nice to hear from you. You can send a picture of the costume/axe to anytime you'd like. We should be around during second weekend next year. Thanks for stopping by!


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