August 17, 2015

[Blaugust 16] In Response To: Bel's BlaugustCon

"...maybe we just need to create our own convention."


Belghast posted "Our Own Convention" a few days ago, and I intended to write about it earlier, but GW2 and other topics got in the way before I could finally freak out over no post topics suddenly and it's nine at night help make some room in my schedule to write about it. As it is, a large denomination of my readerbase is composed of fellow bloggers, so I hope an expansion of thought on the topic will do it well.
line for the final Omegathon round, PAX Prime 2014
To start things off, the idea of a convention for bloggers, by bloggers sounds like heaven more than anything. I've always dreamed of meeting up with tons of other bloggers at a big con like PAX or ECCC, but the fact that tickets sell out fast and that the initiative tends to lessen the farther away from the city of interest for people to go makes the dream understandably difficult to achieve. However, something set up for bloggers to meet at being one of the sole purposes would get more people up and to wherever it is. 

That said, the 'wherever it is' may be a very difficult thing to gauge. Belghast's done a pretty good job by suggesting places near the central point of the continental US, and I don't think better locations could have been sought out. That said, it'll be difficult for low-budget folks like myself to crawl all the way out to St. Louis or Chicago, though it's definitely more do-able than New York City or Baltimore or...uh, the moon...!?

Final Omegathon Round, PAX Prime 2014
As for panel suggestions, I'm totally on board when it comes to what Belghast mentioned. Live podcasting? Would attend. Wordpress panel? Would wear orange and pout all the way through. I'd love to watch people talk about SEO or even have a huge community potluck one night where we can all just sit and geek out together over board games and CAH. As he said, I'm pretty confident that a convention of gaming bloggers would attract companies to even jump on the hype train and present something. 

All in all, a for-bloggers-by-bloggers-type meetup/con would be an absolute dream come true for myself, and I'm sure for many others as well. The possibilities coming from it, including a strengthening of blogging skills among just having a good time and getting to see friends are many and enticing enough to draw people out from all corners of the country and maybe even further than that, considering the internationality of the community. I think this is a fine idea and I would absolutely attend; It would be great to see this idea blossom to life. 

Once again, so many kudos to Belghast - let's make this happen. 


  1. It'll give me an excuse to make a Murf Versus tshirt and start self-branding!

    1. I'm holding you to that if this happens! I'll probably order myself a few doodads like stickers.


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