[Blaugust Entry 11] Curly the Crusader: My First Match of Civ V

Curly: "So, have you discovered Horseback Riding yet?"

Me: "Hold on, surrounded by barbarians on all sides."

The clock struck midnight, making this post very, very late. I sighed, clicking off to fight the barbarians incoming on my troops, knowing that Delhi wasn't prepared for an attack within the city. However, the new War Elephants would soon spawn, and the current ones were about to pass Mt. Fuji, so I was in good hands for the time being. Right?


Curly, my friend and co-op buddy, bought me Sid Meier's Civilization V, a game that he's been obsessing over since I first knew him. Therefore, I can confirm that he's thoroughly obsessed with it. Eventually, when it went on sale, he got it for me (making me the next gift-giver, as it is). It took me a few weeks before I could actually get a chance to play since he got it for me during my costuming crunch. After several days of frantic planning and canceling and trying to squeeze in hours for play, I finally got the chance to boot the game up and give world domination a whirl late last night.

Let me tell you, there's nothing better than at least trying just that.

I learned how to move my troops around eventually, applying different actions to them and after a few odd situations where I couldn't find a logical place to put a city at all, founded Delhi as Gandhi just to the side of Mt. Fuji, Japan. The game drops you somewhere random; Whichever leader you play as does not dictate where you get dropped. I started to develop my country, excelling in the finer arts and then going back to make good agricultural opportunities.

Eventually, I began scouting out my land, fighting hordes of barbarians and claiming territory for myself as I continued my conquest. I found with my knight units an area that was marked off by a red line. I didn't question it, maybe it was just some random territory that I couldn't get into due to world restrictions. I eventually found a whole lot of it and eventually asked into my mic what it was.

At that moment, Curly's warrior units approached the end of that red line.

"Well, this is...awkward," we both said simultaneously before head-desking. Eventually, I had no other choice but to declare war on him, and that's about the time we both bailed from the game to get some sleep. I spent an extra minute deliberating on the entire situation. Two friends joined a game together and ended up in relentless war on each other within hours. Minutes, even. Would the War Elephants be enough? Would I be able to pull through? Would I get crushed?

One thing was for sure, though: Whatever happened, I wouldn't go down without a fight. It's on, O Curly One.


  1. Hey, he's asking for it by boxing you in! Bring on the nukes! Panzer blitzkrieg! Lebensraum! ;)

  2. Ah Civ V... I love that game. This makes me want to play it again. Me and Doone played for hours and still never finished and that's probably the last time I played it.

    Multiplayer is fun, but can take quite a long time while you plot with or against one another.

    1. I wish the game was a bit more straight forward. I know that's likely fighting words after moving from Civ IV to Civ V, but I find it unplayable, in a reasonability sense, with friends. I just don't have that much time to sit on a computer with someone else anymore. I'm currently trying to play Terraria on a weekly schedule and it is killing my two friends since they have a lot more time for just video games than I do. They can't wait for me!

    2. What's nice about the match of Civ that I'm playing with Curly right now is that it's just the two of us fighting one another. I wouldn't have time to do anything else than one-on-one. In fact, the reality of not having a lot of time to play has prevented me from playing a whole ton.

      Thanks for commenting, guys, this is the first time I've seen a convo in my comments section without me being Player 2. ^.^


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