Blaugust Day 6: Announcing the 2015 Blog Reader Survey!

Hey, all! Hope you're all having a good day, and for the bloggers, smooth-sailing Blaugust. I'm still super tired, but Stormy and I are one hot glue gun application away from being completely done with our costumes, and oh my goodness, it feels great.

I'm here to talk about the annual Reader Survey that I write for my minions to take so that I can see what they think of my site. It's really important for me to get this feedback because I'm constantly changing up what I do on this blog from year to year, and I want to know what people like, what people dislike, and what people miss me having written. I want to create a good balance of writing about what I'm up to in ways that people will want to read, and gathering information from the survey is an easy way to do that. Last year, I got over 60 responses, and with them I was able to streamline content for a year better than all the others of views and interaction. Now that I've opened up my blog to more games and more topics, it's become important for me to implement this again, even if a few months late if this is really going to be an annual thing.

On the survey, there are only three required questions. The rest of them are very helpful, though, so I'd appreciate it if you'd go through as much as you could. I've changed a lot of the questions from last year's to be a lot broader to go with my broadened topics blogged about, but the number of questions is still about the same.

I appreciate all the feedback that's been given so far and I can't wait for more!

Costuming updates tomorrow guaranteed.