[Blaugust 15] Guild Wars 2, Zeroth Impressions

short post, back really hurts 
Eleven days after the post where I asked for MMO suggestions, I received a lot of praise on both my comments section and on Anook for Guild Wars 2, product of ArenaNet (a developer which happens to be local to me, so awesome). Having plenty of friends in the tangible world that love the game, I decided to give it a closer look-see. I was impressed immediately with what I saw about it. I liked the idea of abolishing the Holy Trinity of playstyles, and it appeared that GW2 had done this well. I as well enjoyed that GW2 did not require a recurring subscription price and was instead buy-to-play. Since my schedule is highly unpredictable and results in me being unable to score good play hours for weeks at a time when it's at its worst, this was a huge selling point before I saw how great-looking the game was. Lastly, I asked Twitter for thoughts and was met with nothing other than good words about it.

Today, I finally got my guts together and actually bought it after an hour of continued Twitter deliberation. GW2 was right in my budget (*pats self on back for great saving habits, even with PAX around the corner*) and it took only a few hours to install to a point that I could start playing at. I had spent a great deal of time looking through the races and classes and was still completely undecided by the time I got to the character customizations. However, the general backstory of the humans - having come from a great empire now struck-down - was exciting for me. I chose to play a ranger out of complete impulse, and I have to say I'm enjoying it immensely. I really like the range I get if I play my cards right, as well as the ferocious follower I have on me to beat things up.

So far, I don't think I've played enough to give any first impressions. I'm still within a beginning area and just learning how to beat things up and interact with the environment, but I assure you that I'll be writing up first impressions shortly.

I should have more screenshots in the next few days to share, as well as more insight and excitement. Woohoo!


  1. Woot, hope you enjoy! Much of the fun of GW2 is in the exploration and discovery of what's around the next corner, don't get too caught up with completion or going from heart to heart systematically - just beeline for what look's interesting and pull up the map only when you want to figure out where next. :)

    Also, feel free to play around and experiment with all the weapons at the ranger's disposal. A ranger in GW2 is not just Legolas, but also Aragorn, pretty good with swords and melee, as with bows. My asura loves the quick-firing shortbow for all those stacking bleeds though!

    1. I love the discovery aspect - I'm delighted in all the sniping positions I can assume. What's playing an asura like? I think I'll play one in my next slot.

    2. A know-it-all superior-intellect gremlin with a tendency to call anything taller than them a "bookah" - a sort of lumbering and clumsy, loud imaginary monster asura parents use to scare their progeny with. Also, the longer the ears, the sexier. :)

      They're basically hilarious, cute, and have awesome unique animations for their attacks, eg. a norn or human just has to reach out with a sword, but asura usually have to jump to believably reach the same distance, yoda-style.

    3. SO playing one next.

  2. Welcome to GW2. It's one of the most alt-friendly MMOs ever made so don't be afraid to fill all those slots. Depending on your personality and psychology, the race you choose makes no difference at all or all the difference in the world. The practical differences are mainly in the racial skills, none of which are overpoweringly desirable but some of which are good fun. The difference in look and feel is vast.

    I have three rangers. My first was a charr, the second an asura and the most recent a sylvari. Even with the same weapons equipped playing them feels very different. Asura, to me, are always bouncy and enthusiastic, self-confident and unphased by anything. Charr are forthright, determined, bluff and aggressive. Sylvari are wistful, yearning, confused and now that their origins have been revealed apprehensive and even scared. I'm not sure how much of that is supported by the lore. A lot of it comes from the animations and the racial voice samples.

    Also, as with every 3D MMO, size matters. An Asura isn't faster than a Norn but boy do they feel faster! Also Rata Sum and the Asura starting map, Metrica Province, are fantastically detailed, complex works of art. Explore them for hours. So much joy awaits you. I'm very envious :)

    1. First of all, hi there! I've never seen you turn up on my comments section before (or that I can remember, since it's 1:45 AM) and I'm really honored that you've stopped by and taken the time to leave a comment. I love reading your blog.

      Since I'm still new and shaky in terms of MMOs and what I should be expecting from them, I'm not sure how much of an impact my opinion makes when I say I'm really, truly pleased with GW2. The variety of things to do and try is something that I know will keep me playing for a long time even before I try out new races and classes. As a writer and tabletop-roleplayer, knowing the lore and motivations of my race in-game makes a considerable amount of difference to me - well, at least so far... I as well love the animations and voice samples associated with my character so far, especially all the more texture it gives her as a person.

      Thanks for your input on the Asura starting map, too. I'm a die-hard (or get-mobbed?) explorer and I'm keen on playing an Asura once I've gotten a little more settled into my human. I'm even more excited to get going, now. I'll be sure to update often about how things are going. I appreciate you having left a comment, thank you for reading! :)


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