August 15, 2015

[Blaugust 14] Soultaming the Steam Library, AKA 'A Tale of 14 Folders'

Today's prompt was brought to you by the letter K, for Knifesedge on the Anook forum:

How do you organise your Steam library? Do you have any kind of plan to help you focus on finishing certain games?

When it has to do with something I like, I'm a huge organizational nerd. I'll admit it outright that yes, I have fourteen folders that I've organized everything into, and I organize into those folders nearly religiously, often shifting things around as I see fit depending on which purchases I make or what I'm up to on my blog. Let's take a look at how bad the problem has gotten.

  • Favorites - Pretty standard fare Steam folder. In it, I have the games I play often and the ones that I stream, too. Contains: Castle Crashers, Don't Starve, Don't Starve Together, Eidolon, and a test build of Viridi
  • Beat 'Em Ups - Some of my folders are named based on genre. I only have Bastion and Castle Crashers in there, but I really do like Beat-em-ups and the folder should grow.
  • Burn Pile - This is the reject folder. In here, I've put the games that have ticked me off or gave me bad enough motion sickness to forego even that folder (see below). I really like aspects of some of these games, but I overall am not planning to play them anytime soon. Contains: Epanalepsis, Finding Teddy, Kairo, Syberia, Type:Rider
  • Co-Op - Another folder with things that I could easily put into the Favorites category. I put Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons in here simply because my hands have to cooperate. In Brothers, it was enough of a challenge in that my hands became two separate entities. Contains: BattleBlock Theater, Brothers, Castle Crashers, Don't Starve Together, Last Inua, Portal 2

  • For The Blog - This folder has games that I want to review or got a press code for. It's currently small, but I enjoy keeping it that way since I'm constantly out of time and overworked. Contains: Feist (press code), The Talos Principle, Trine
  • FPS - I don't know why I have this folder. It only has Bioshock Infinite in it, and it really should be in the Motion Sickness folder for the time being.
  • Indie Indie Indie - This folder was named thrice due to the massive number of games within. I kind of write about indie games, so it was a no-brainer that this folder would be packed. (I've had a few folder issues lately with games switching around, so some of these may not be Indie and I won't catch them.) Contains: Brothers, Dark Echo, Dear Esther, Don't Starve/Together, Eidolon, Elegy for a Dead World, Epanalepsis, FarSky, Feist, Finding Teddy, FTL, Guns of Icarus Online, Kairo, Kentucky Route Zero, Last Inua, LIMBO, LYNE, Monochroma, Nihilumbra, Pid, ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS, Civ V, The Stanley Parable, The Swapper, Syberia, To the Moon, Transistor, Trine, Type:Rider, Viridi

  • Motion Sickness Warning - This folder suspiciously doesn't have Infinite in it yet. I have motion sickness when I game, a problem I'm slowly overcoming...emphasis on slowly there. Contains: Guns of Icarus, Kairo
  • Platformer, Puzzle, Survival - Three more genre folders
  • Why Curly - Games Curly's bought me, including Besiege, Civ V, and The Talos Principle.
  • My Games - Only contains The Plan and then whatever free weekend deals I have.
  • Shared Library - My friend and I share libraries since she plays some games I like as well as popular FPSes for when I get less motion-sick and more broke. 

In short, my Steam folders are many and specific. I really like using them to categorize and streamline whatever I'm up to, as well as joke around with my thoughts on certain titles for my own amusement. How do you organize your Steam games? What's in your Favorites tab? Thanks for reading! 


  1. Sounds like you have it well in hand! If you haven't seen it, here's my take.

    1. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by (not sure what happened with all those spaces in your comment, showed up normally on my moderation dash).


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