August 13, 2015

[Blaugust 12] D&D: Defining Lylien's Backstory

The sass here is so real, and I'm really not sorry...
This post will probably start a series of posts concerning the party that will hopefully result in some fiction down the line. I went to D&D last night and continued dungeon-crawling with my friends. Because of Boris' short stay at the table,we all began to get a little more comfortable with roleplaying, and in the end, we all started to develop concrete personalities for our characters in order to define their interactions. For sure, my character - Lylien the wizard - has a very definitive personality and her interactions with the others are as true to her nature as I can get them. In order to keep on record for myself and to share with all of you, I'll quickly jot down what backstory I've discovered from playing the green-haired pyro., at all.
Meet Lylien: Showing a high aptitude in magic, those around her were elated to enrich her studies. However, she quickly found a passion for more destructive functions, and began more than her immediate community could deal with by the time she was slinging fireballs as a child. She was sent away post-haste to be apprentice to a dragonborn sorcerer in hopes that she would one day be able to master the elements with slightly more control. Having realized how she'd gotten there, though, Lylien turned cold and reserved, only lifting her nose from her books to set something aflame or fire back a snarky comment as she felt was needed. When her disgust and anger with her situation hit an ultimate high, she set her own study aflame and left for an undecided location. She wrote upon that evening "I intend to find somewhere that isn't home, and surely isn't here. Somewhere I'm not feared, but a location where I have purpose, as well."

Determined but unprepared, Lylien's first trial came quickly and struck hard in the form of a mountain range. Unaccustomed to the elements but ineffective with creating an ample amount of heat with the limits of her magical flame, she was nearly on her last efforts when an on-mountain dwarf spotted her in a flurry of snow. She continued to travel with the odd fellow as a friend, enjoying his strange but delicious cooking and even following him out on a trip to sell wares in a small town. On the way there, Lylien felt herself pulled to another magical source, ultimately pulling the dwarf away from his caravan as she tracked down a practicing druid in the forested area outside a human population. Having not seen other intelligent life for years, the druid found these two as a sign to begin traveling again, coming along. Lylien immediately took to the druid, sharing ideas and knowledges with her from the very first night of her reintegration.

This is the laziest dice-shoot I've done.
The three continued on their way towards the city, now completely separated from the caravan. Stumbling into their firelight one night was a human archer, weary but tough from years of fighting in trenches and following the demands of military order. Lylien was at first reluctant to let this strange, dirty human into the party, but she eventually lightened up and let him stick around as the season grew tougher the further off-track they went from their original destination. With enough convincing from the human, Lylien even began to teach him the Elvish language just to control the chatter coming from him at night in any way she could.

While she shared a passion for the magical arts with the druid, their late-night conversations by the fire and book digging-into only lasted for a short time, the death of the druid leaving Lylien the sole spellcaster of the group...well, save for the chef-dwarf. While Lylien's spells grew more and more destructive - partially as she adventured around more and partially in grieving for Tram the druid - she never once dabbled in the healing arts. To go with the sparks of dealing with Tram's death, Lylien as well regained her cold, sarcastic attitude. She's well aware of her tendency to let her own  mind be consumed by the flames, but she pays this little regard, letting the pool of consequences fill as she unleashes immense power over and over again.

Of all my characters, Lylien - not my longest-lived character by at least a year - has been my most complex creation on the battlegrid, and I'm really proud of how I can now flesh out a backstory for her without much thinking. I'm still kind of shy to act out her high levels of sass at the table, but I'm getting to a point where it's not too difficult to write. I don't know, would you guys like to read what I write if I end up jotting down a few scenes? I'd love to post them.

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  1. Of COURSE I would love to read them. I already have the feeling that I have picked up an interesting book and am hooked already. I think my favorite quote in this one is: "she pays this little regard, letting the pool of consequences fill as she unleashes immense power over and over again." with the emphasis on "Letting the pool of consequences fill" Absolutely lovely writing. <3


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