Sorry for the Holdup

In the meantime, enjoy this picture that the Ninja Bunny Lord (Ian) 
put together for me last Wednesday. 

Hey, there. I've got a post in the works about the Skyforge beta and a few other things. I'm really sorry for the short posts lately, but I promise I'll get back on track soon. It's been a little crazy with:

  • New exercise - Getting physical therapy for an injury and I have to change up a lot of things
  • Costuming - I talk about this on Twitter plenty, but I'm working with a friend to make costumes for a Renaissance Fair coming up, and that's eaten days at a time
  • NaNoWriMo - Well, it's supposed to have been going. I'm inspired, but just out of time to do very much with my project at all. 
  • Actually questing on W101 (*when I don't end up falling asleep on my questing buddy)
  • Family being in town (multiple times)
  • Other life interruptions which have prohibited me from being able to sit down and write posts. 
Thanks for putting up with me, and I promise things will be back on track soon. 


  1. "Put up with you"? Pfffft! Your stuff is a joy to read and well worth any wait. Besides, being a Twitter follower, I VERY much enjoy all the shenanigans you get into in between posts. The whole bundle is delightful. *Chrissy Hugs* <3

  2. I'd love to read more about all the stuff you're doing! The ren faire included!

    1. There should be a post on the costuming coming out soon!


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