July 8, 2015

I Played an Hour of ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS Completely Alone

AKA I need to relax in the most exciting way possible.
I met ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS at PAX, and boy is it fun to type in all caps whenever I talk about it! Nestled at the corner of sci-fi and well-dressed Hatsune Miku cosplayer, Radial Games had a screen going of ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS (just try typing it, it's so fulfilling) and I immediately liked the bright colors and simplicity of the UI. I didn't know that I'd be getting so much more than that when I bought, though, from funny remarks to not-GLaDOS making them while in-game.

See, what I appreciate the most about this easily-grasped rocket-fighter is that it's clever. The design is clever. The controls are clever - pressing/holding keys to make important decisions, whether that be entering a match or firing a continuous stream of missiles - and intuitive to my controller. Zen Mode is snarky ("Three, two, one...Om.") and satisfying when I get to observe the trails of light I've made. The music is upbeat and interesting, as well as skippable to a more preferable track of the OST with just a few button-presses. The design of the rockets is funny from the names of them to the way the lights pulsate to the beat of the music.

It's just a clever game, overall. 

10/10 very clever can't wait for updates

I need sleep...

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