July 2, 2015

Gelatinous Cubes on Herding Cats

“At this point,” the DM brought to light to the Dungeons and Dragons table last week, “You’re really freaked out. Against your better judgement, you’ve all stuck around in the chamber to trounce this beast.” While Melody’s player counterpart faked being short of breath, the rest of us sat a little more forward as the DM moved the 4d6 a little bit closer to Finn. “So, what next?”

Liore from Herding Cats was very kind to give me the opportunity to write a guest post for her website while she went on vacation. I am grateful for being thought of and had a great time writing the post "Gelatinous Cubes Make Excellent Team-Building Exercises" for her. Read the rest of the post HERE!

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