July 31, 2015

Friendship Day 2015: The Missed Notifications

This took freaking forever. Shows how much I love you all.
To my memory, the very best friends are the kinds that can make me angry as all heck and still love them for it. They've laughed at my natural 1s, smirked at my noob deaths, and couldn't hold back a snicker when I didn't know where a door right in front of me was. And for some oddball reason, I still hang out with and play games with them. Hey, beats me why.

Happy (belated) Friendship Day, you jerks. Some of you have really done some great things for me, so this post is just for you.

When I mentioned that I played Don't Starve Together - well, had at least downloaded it - You were eager to have me hop on my computer so I could learn the ropes with someone who's survived a few winters. I really appreciate that. You showed me what Chester did and how to get food and fend for myself. Heck, you even showed me how to survive the night! Your method was really cool: It got super super dark and you let me die in the night. "That's what happens," you said, "Now make a fire next game." (It got cooler once I figured that part, because the next day, you showed me a Tallbird!)

Swordroll: "Hey, want to PvP me?" you asked, "Trust me, it'll be fun!"

The One Tank in Skyforge
You fought at Port Naori with me. Well, actually, we let the high-level lightbinder tromp on ahead and take out all the enemies at the same time while we stayed back and destroyed egg clusters. Eventually, the lightbinder kind of figured out what we were doing and began waiting for us, so when we fought the boss, I discovered another awesome trait of yours. You were still very loyal...just to your own standards, not to your new anti-questing buddy. I'll always remember you for hanging back with the "Fair and square" lightbinder as I lagged, aggroed the bosses, and died in minutes.

You bought me Civ V. That makes me now twenty-one dollars and eighty-something cents behind in the gift-giving war, and I'm broke. Thanks for making me feel bad while I get to lose more blogging hours conquering the world.

You were an early, early D&D buddy, and I wouldn't have gotten so into it without being able to spend at least my very first adventures with you. The entire time, you played this fantastic little halfling whose name has made it onto the blog many times: Seaendithas Shadowheart. Seaendithas was a wonderful little thief, always making lots and lots of money, all of which he kept for himself. He stuck by the party though, running with us through thick and thin and the monstrosity that was Baldur's Gate, all the way until the end, where he stabbed my elf not once, but twice. That little monster.

Ian: Ninja Bunny Lord! Every single day, you log on and make your awesomeness obvious to the world. It's so bright and shiny and perfect that it burns. So, uh...ow.

How any proper squad should be. (FMA:B)
We will have talked every single day without a single one missed for three years straight this November. You've introduced me to so many things that have relentlessly torn apart my feelings, like Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Terrain of Magical Expertise (Chris Niosi's T.O.M.E.). I don't think I'll ever forgive you for any of that, but you also drew my site logo and do free requests for me whenever I have character ideas, so you're cool like that, I guess.

All the New Blogger Friends I've Made Since the January Reboot
There are SO. MANY. OF. YOU. I can't even start to name all of you in fear that I'll miss even one. Making the transition to blogging about more games was scary, but you guys made it so much fun and welcoming. Now I just have to talk with all of you, to pass around jokes and....interact. Weeeeeeird. 

You, the Reader: Since you're reading this and probably thinking of some clever comment to write up, I now have to keep on doing what I love and producing content. Geez.

But thanks, one and all, for being my friends and for making this experience such a great one.

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  1. Nice drawing there. It just pulsates with love. Well done. You are loved and love everyone right back. *Chrissy Hugs* <3


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