30 Levels in 30 Days: A Whole Lot of Nope

Yeah, so that went well. 

I really should have known that the challenge was ridiculous. OK, I did, but I did it anyways. Anyone who's known me for a few years knows that's kind of my thing. I'm going to keep playing throughout this month nonetheless, but I know I won't get anywhere close to my goal. I'm hoping to find another month to continue on, therefore, and continue my slow pursuit towards 100. 

Anyways, things have gotten in the way lately that have prevented me from really being able to write a post, but if you guys want to hear about what I've been working on with costuming for the Renaissance Faire this year, then just leave a comment below and I'll share a more in-depth look at my progress. 


  1. I love hearing whatever you wish to post about. You could always tweet when you are on for questing partners. I would be more than happy to help ya slap around some bad guys with my life or fire. :D

  2. AnonymousJuly 12, 2015

    You know I want to hear everything you post. I am not able to help you with posts,but I am learning so much from you,and you know I'm always here to listen/read anything you send!

  3. AnonymousJuly 12, 2015

    I always want to hear everything you wish t share! I am always learning so much from you! Please keep in touch!!

  4. Thanks, everyone, for the support!


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