June 19, 2015

The Virtues of Streaming (and Why I Blog)

A few days ago, a friend was considering buying Eidolon and asked for advice. I explained my standpoint ("Buy it, buy it, buy it!"), but I figured that there was a slightly better way for my friend to get a taste of the game. "If you'd like," I asked, "I could actually stream some Eidolon onto Twitch so you can get a better taste."

Yesterday, I streamed Eidolon for an hour and answered live viewer questions. It's a new level of thrill that I first experienced at that time (since I wasn't talking to a wall), and I'm excited to stream again sometime. But, at my core, I'm a blogger. Here are a few reasons why I like to stream, but why blogging is where I'm at.

Whether I identify as a blogger or a streamer, one thing remains constant, and it's that I'm super talkative. I don't care if I'm typing or talking – if there's a ramble to be rambled, I'm going to be the one rambling it, goshdarnit! In fact, that's how a lot of my best blog posts were born: I would type out whatever goes on in my mind, and following that, fine-tune it down to a few titles that I could work with. I've felt the same thing happen when I'm livestreaming, when I'll completely neglect an objective or just stay in one spot, talking on about something that may or may not be related to the task at hand. Most of the time, though, I figured that rambling about games would be rambling about games, and my blog would live off of these. I had no idea it'd go that way on my stream, and I'm glad that it does, to be honest. It means that, unlike posts, I don't have to pre-write what I'm going to say.

I died so many times in Pid on stream that it's
almost unfunny.
To be honest, I was actually very nervous before streaming for the first time. For my entire existence in the blogosphere/gaming community, I'd been busy just writing my blog posts and not speaking a single word. What could I say that wouldn't make me look like an awkward freak if I didn't pre-write or at least meditate on it before actually saying it? It sounded like an absolute 'no' situation until I decided to give it a try on an impulse. To my excitement, it worked, and it worked well. My talkativeness worked to my advantage as I let my circle-running brain take a rest to make room for instinct to take over. Since then, I've been streaming upon occasion to share my adventures in the current, and to answer audience questions as I go. In fact, the past stream – Eidolon – worked very well in that I got questions and answers going on within the audience even when I didn't answer some myself. Overall, I'd found a way I could quickly express myself, and it sure took a lot less effort than blogging... An issue, though, was that I never had time to stream often, and a thought came to me...would my viewers?

While there are many reasons why I like streaming, blogging has over and over again proved itself something I'll be sticking to for the time being. Besides having been my pastime for years and years, blogging is something that someone late to the party can still look at and read even hours after having been published. I'm one who likes the interactivity of streams and will only really listen if I'm in time to interact with the streamer and the fellow listeners. The interactivity with blogging, meanwhile, is more optimal for me, however, since neither I nor many readers (I'd expect) would have the time and availability to be online the second something is published, every time something is. I'll definitely be streaming in the future, but blogging is truly where I lie.

But hey, enough rambling from me, again. Time to think about voicing some more of that Kentucky Route Zero...

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  1. Streaming is something I've always been interested in, but with an extremely limited free-time schedule, it's hard for me to want to get into streaming. Plus I actually have to interact with people... so I think a happy medium for me are "Let's Play" videos and a vidcast at least twice a month.

    1. Hey, Chestnut! I totally hear you about the stream scheduling issues - it's super hard to get that time in. I personally look forward to listener interaction, but I think that's because I don't have too many listeners yet to find anyone that annoys me or causes problems. I don't think I've seen your Let's Plays...I'll have to take a look. ;)

      Thank you for stopping by!


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