Escape to Gameworks

This week has me completely exhausted for post content. As I continue to work, enjoy a few shots from my outing with my friends Desmond and Jon! We went to Gameworks in downtown Seattle. 

View from the balcony. Two floors PACKED with games! 

What we love about Gameworks as a get-together spot is that there is SO much variety. There were shooters and pinball machines like we expected, but there were also ticket-spitting machine, basketball hoops, and even a drumming game that was (probably) in Japanese. Overall, we played the racing games more than anything else, as well as the four-player Pac-Man Versus tables.

Desmond takes initiative. 

It was difficult to play all the games as a team of three. There were a lot of games that were two-player, especially the shooters, and all three of us wanted to be playing simultaneously. Ultimately, we'd switch off on a whim, sometimes trying to snatch at guns or messing with the hide/confront pedal until we'd get a chance. We ended up playing a lot of racing games, like the seatbelt-required Hummers or the motorcycle races. Of course, there was also the car racing game that took our selfies (most of which were photobombed by one another). 

Lunch was loaded tater tots, and holy yum!
 Lunch was...awesome. I was surprised with some of the foods offered. Sure, nachos and pizza, but Philly cheesesteak egg rolls? Loaded tater tots? We know who this was built for hint: it's me. We got lemonades and sodas topped off before heading back out for a revenge round of air hockey, maxing out our bought minutes of play and sending ourselves back into the sun.

Bonus points: Enjoy this fellow playing DDR.


  1. Sounds like such fun. Looks like you had a blast in all areas. Thanks for sharing your great day. :D

    1. Thanks! We didn't wind up at the ticket machines this time, and we skipped the streetfighters due to a shocking lack of Mortal Kombat, but I'm sure I'll return to those. Nice seeing you here again. <3

  2. Oh wow, I need to go here next time I'm in Seattle!

    1. Hey, Pike! If you're going to PAX Prime, it's just a few blocks from the convention center. I suggest Time Crisis and the 4-player Pac-Man, as well as pretty much all the multiplayer racing games (especially the one in the...helicopter thingy. You'll know what I mean).


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