May 11, 2015

#NBI2015: Talkback Challenge 2

As a part of the Newbie Blogger Initiative this year - which is an awesome event for just about any gaming blogger - I've been keeping an eye on the writing prompts and activities to do. As I pick up my F12 skills for the screenshot safari, I'll in the meantime respond to the second Talkback Challenge, this time hosted by l33t j3w3l! 

Early Access and Kickstarter – Do you support unfinished games?

Short answer? Yes. 

I know that if I weren't given support before some of my aspirations were completely fulfilled, I wouldn't have ever gotten to the points of success that I've gotten to celebrate. Wasn't it in the Little Red Hen where she only got her support once her loaf of bread was all cooked and smelling delicious? I'm sure she would have resolved to make something even better if she'd gotten support from all the other farm animals.

Now, I don't put a lot of money into Kickstarter. I limit myself to a very strict budget when it comes to games and gaming peripherals. I definitely helped fund Crowfall among a few other games, and I'm reworking this month's budget to get me some of Tesh's plastic Tinker Dice. But I do think that, if I really do support something, it's worth putting some money in to show support of and push the creator just a little further to make an awesome product.

My philosophy on funding unfinished KS games is that if the game is well-presented enough to make me, a frugal spender, want to pitch in some money, then it's going to be worth what I've paid. Oftentimes, it'll be worth my dollar, too. For those who viewed and/or funded Crowfall, one can recall that the paying tier for getting a copy of the game when it came out was much less than was it was projected to cost in real life.
I'm a little more reserved towards Early Access. If I'm convinced that it'll turn out well and if I've heard good things about it, then I'll give it a try if it doesn't cost too much. What I like about funding on KS is that I'll get a copy of the final game, and for what I've seen, for a rather nice price. When it comes to Early Access, I'm not sure if I want to pay full-price for however-long-it-takes of bugs.

However, there's a little bit of magic to Early Access that I really do enjoy. Over the past few weeks, I've had the opportunity to listen to the Seattle Symphony, and anyone who appreciates classical and is visiting the area should hope to get a ticket to listen. Out of the "Leningrad" Symphony and a collection of Beethovens, I've found my favorite parts of the symphonies to be before the symphonies themselves started. The mixture of warming-up musicians practicing parts and shaking out nervousness before the show has always maintained a high level of respect from me. It's almost like a sneak preview that I get to embrace and decode.

Now, Early Access isn't exactly like that, but the fact that I get to see something as it gets put together is a humbling and honorable experience. If I'm part of the gaming industry at all, I'm media, but assisting in an Early Access version of a game is almost like I'm part of the actual creation of the product itself, and it's very nice to go forth and make sure things will work for the others. Especially when it comes to indie games, the interactions I've had with devs during Early Access stages has been a treat.

A Necessary Risk to Take

Overall, I think Early Access games and funding through Kickstarter are essential parts to the creations of games, and if it weren't for people who participated in them, many great games would be bug-ridden or unfunded. I'm honored to be a part of that process, and I'm very eager to help out when I feel like I'm in the position to do so. 


  1. My thoughts on Kickstarter are similar to yours. I don't fund games on it very often but I will definitely toss a few bucks out for something that I REALLY like. I've done that for a couple games and so far I have no regrets!

    1. Hey, Pike! I don't think I've seen you here before - welcome to my site! Glad we share interests. What did you back?


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