May 19, 2015

#NBI Talkback Challenge 3: What Made Me a Gamer

They're at it again! The Newbie Blogger Initiative had again posted a writing prompt for participants this year, and I'm excited to be joining in! This prompt is from the amazing Jaedia:

What Made You a Gamer?

I did not grow up playing video games.

So many people I know can say opposite. That they were born with an NES or Atari in their little hands. Considering that every step taken throughout my life has landed me right here, right now, I wouldn't wish otherwise, but it's sometimes daunting (and if not, just extremely fascinating) to see myself just starting to play video games in a community of people who seem to know it all.

Like I mentioned in "I Suck at Bioshock Infinite", my exposure to FPSes - and most any kind of game - has been dreadfully low, and it's still a genre that I have to learn to play. However, it's exciting, and I've been loving it every step of the way (or every death of the way, considering how I've been going). Something that I feel is special to me is that I take with me not only the initiative to play games, but to learn to love every kind as I expose myself to more and more. I know friends who only played platformers or only played FPSes when they were littler and stick to those now...I want to be able to pick as much as I can up, so I try to immerse myself in as much as I can.

When I first started to cultivate a higher commitment towards playing games, Dear Esther turned me from playing one or two MMOs and maybe picking up a little puzzler to expanding my blog to talk about all sorts of things I play. It was Dear Esther, the game deserving of so many intricate words that I'm still trying to write a post about it, that was my beginning of playing more games.

Dear Esther, simply, was the deciding factor in me getting a Steam account. I played through it in two and a half hours, and I haven't been able to go back to it without tearing up at its beauty and hidden meanings. It's one of the most beautiful games I've played to date, and like the friends who grew up playing certain kinds of games, it was Dear Esther that set the bar for future games I'd play.

And set the bar it did. In time, I grew to love games like The Stanley Parable and Thomas Was Alone (though I'm still trying to forget playthroughs so I can actually play them) and other titles like Portal 2, To the Moon, and even those that I hadn't expected to be too good at, like Bastion and Bioshock Infinite, both of which have impacted my taste in games greatly.

What made me a gamer was the newfound ability to lose myself in a world. To, for a little while, transfer my consciousness, my character, and my skills to that of mine in a game is one of the most restful things I've felt myself able to do while awake. Games for me mean that I have a way to express myself while at the same time ridding myself of life stresses to practice a skill. What keeps me a gamer today is that I can use my enthusiasm from playing to share with the world my excitements and thoughts.

Thanks for letting me share my views and story! Can't wait for the next Talkback Challenge.


  1. As one of those people born holding a controller - I'm really glad to see you're starting to play and enjoy games! It's never, ever too late to start :D

    1. Hey, Pike! I love it when you comment. When I first started playing more seriously, especially since it wound up within months of my site's expansion, I was really scared I wouldn't fit into the community. But I'm learning that there's a place even for noobs like me. I'm really happy I pushed myself past my worries and got started.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Always glad to see our numbers grow. This is a special medium of entertainment.

    1. Thanks, Roger! I feel similarly about blogging - For a medium composed of sometimes words alone, there are few that correctly explain the significance and outright power of blogging. I really appreciate you stopping by.

  3. It's interesting to see how so many different people from differing backgrounds end up at the same conclusion: games are awesome. I too was born with gaming consoles near, but I think I would have come around even if I wasn't. The medium covers so many different facets of life, teaches skills and coping mechanisms, challenges you, and can ultimately change you fundamentally as a person. I love gaming, and will always be a gamer.

    1. So many comments, this is amazing! I agree wholeheartedly with your philosophy. Gaming teaches something for and about almost every approach on life. I really do think that there will be something for everyone. I sometimes wonder how my life would be different if I had grown up with games around, but either way, I'm a gamer now and a gamer I'll stay.

      Thank you for stopping by, Islain!


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