April 16, 2015

I Really Suck at Bioshock Infinite (And What That's Taught Me)

No one can book Booker.

"Booker, don't die!" 

The first time I took too many shots in Bioshock Infinite with Elizabeth on my side, I was surprised to have an extra helping hand in the fight. Then again, I was told that Elizabeth wouldn't be just another escort mission. Not at all.

Of course, the extra lifeline was to no avail as I parked myself in the middle of the square and accidentally shifted my hand to the wrong movement controls and stalled, dying almost instantly. So...that went well. Sometimes, I wonder why I even tried to play...

At the rate I was going, they probably just let me walk
by, knowing I wouldn't survive much longer...

When Bioshock Infinite was on sale for only a few dollars, I bought it without much of a second thought. I had no idea what I was getting into besides that it had FPS elements and a pretty good story, according to my friend.

When I started to play, I got overwhelmed. I don't have a very strong past with FPS games, and while I've played them, they're so very far from my forte that I felt like being chased by a bear in Eidolon without a bow (scary thing). Nonetheless, I went along with things, and with the help of my friends, am more or less on track, only dying three or four times on a stage before being able to progress. As it is, I'm still not very good. Switching between weapons and applying my Vigors cleverly is still a new concept to me, and after even making it onto Monument Island and fetching Elizabeth I'm still perpetually unable to shoot at anything in favor of hiding and trashcan digging instead. All I'll say about that for now is that it's a process of likening to it, but I will admit that I've found great places to hide.

I really didn't want to post some of my kill-shots, so this'll probably be
all Elizabeth until I can re-think.

That being said, however, I'm slowly starting to learn my way around this game. FPSes, I've decided, are a completely new genre to me. At this point, I find them completely frustrating due to the fact that I have to repeat checkpoints many, many times before getting out, and even then, it's just a lot of frantic button-clicking and forgetting the controls. But...I'm learning. There's a lot that makes games like Bioshock Infinite difficult for me to enjoy, like the fast-paced, stressful action or exactly how I came upon my Skyhook, but I'm inclined to make the most out of it since the game is in my library.

I see so many of my friends play Bioshock Infinite (or the older games, too), and other FPSes like Borderlands 2 and Call of Duty, not missing too many shots or working with gun-smarts instead of a hyper trigger finger. I look up to them immensely while simultaneously reminding myself to stick to my platformers when I'm gaming around them simply out of need to maintain my dignity. I'm quickly learning from their techniques, though, and have been applying them as I direct Booker through the streets of Columbia.

Ultimately, what I came to learn is that I'm simply re-living my first attempts at trying to play games at all. I remember falling every other step in Bastion and being so completely confused in Kentucky Route Zero that I'd spend days thinking about my next steps. I hadn't recognized this transitional phase because I'd been playing so many kinds of similar games - exploration and platformer - that getting something so completely new as Bioshock Infinite was a slap in the face. My lesson here? I'll get used to it. Just gotta keep rolling with the punches (or in this case, hordes of weirdos that shouldn't have been given ammo).

I'll definitely post more about Infinite as I go on. I enjoy it, so far - Lots of interesting characters and characterizations. Booker is a fascinating individual, and I may do some wiki-reading to get more used to his ways as I go. Time to go clear another checkpoint!

To my younger readers: Bioshock Infinite is a suggestive and violent game! It's lots of fun, though, so talk to your parent or guardian about playing before you start. 

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