March 22, 2015

Peace, Quiet, Eidolon: My Eidolon Bucket List

Geez, it's been a crazy week. I won't lie that next week will be just as hectic. But when there's havoc and chaos, there will always be games to counter that. For me, that's Eidolon. Playing it. Loving it. Running madly from bears...still loving it. Due to a bear both behind and in front of me right now, I'm saving my energy to make a straight-shot for my bow and arrow at top speed next time I boot up.

Or, I could make one of those death achievements. I've made a list of everything I'd like to get done in Eidolon and what I'll be posting about until I get the majority of them done.

  1. Not get mauled by a bear when it matters most
  2. Get mauled by a bear
  3. Get chased by something that isn’t a bear
  4. Kill a bear

  1. Meet wolves
  2. Meet a not-wolf - Done, I think
  3. Meet dogs (Done, I think)
  4. Run from dogs 
  5. Go swimming 
  6. Regret that
  7. Find some honey 
  8. Run out of firewood 
  9. Run out of food
  10. Try as many different types of berries as possible 
  11. Figure out how to use the LUX
  12. Write 10 pages of diary entries 

  1. Think to have solved the mystery of a person
  2. Find a familiar city and find a familiar spot within it (i.e. Seattle, the Space Needle, etc.) 
  3. Completely overthink a structure 
  4. Find 10 documents
  5. Find 25 documents
  6. Find 50 documents
  7. Find 100 documents 
  8. Obsess over goals 5-7 

  1. Shoot a deer down
  2. Shoot a deer down on the first shot 
  3. Kill a wolf 

  1. Get killed by a…bear
  2. …wolf
  3. …neither (animal)
  4. …neither (natural besides following)
  5. …water
  6. …sickness
  7. …fall
  8. Swamp Count: 1

I celebrated this morning by playing some Eidolon, having a little bit of a fearless streak. Thanks to Ice Water Games' attentive Twitter account, I was able to load in my backup save and pick up from where I was. I didn't notice I was without my bow, since I had my binocs and called it good. I continued on my way from where I was.

I quickly finished the remainder of my food when I came to a startling realization: The wound. I needed to heal, since the injury was making me sick. I got cold flashes and couldn't keep even cooked meat down. I needed to get better soon...I'd been sick from raw fish before, and nothing was an issue there. Then the idea hit me: Honey. I needed to find some and I needed to find some quickly. What was it that I had read about it? Something about trees...?

Trees would have been the last thing to cross my character's mind, looking up at them as her eyes slid shut. I sighed in loss and was met by a rather peculiar scene: Near darkness, accented by white spores everywhere. For a good, long second, I thought that I was in a graphics error or something, but once I pulled my notebook back up, I was able to go to sleep and wake up to more sufficient light. Gosh...where was I? A swamp of sorts, I decided, the trees different and the water oddly-colored. I came to my senses and continued on.

What's really funny is that I didn't trust the swamp. I had a feeling this place was special, but I had no idea what to do. Therefore, I didn't go into the water and died again. The second time, I decided to give it a try, finding myself completely healed! I continued up and over the hill out, seeing how the area was completely hidden from view. I picked my bow back up, not laughing at all, and also claimed another document as I continued over the hills, looking for where I was on my little map, in hopes that I was somewhere on it to begin with.

So then I didn't find any food and died again, returning to the same swamp.

I love this game. 

Note: Next week is going to be really busy for me.
I'm not going to have a ton of time to game or blog,
or anything much, so I'm leaving this note as a heads-up.
Last week was unexpectedly busy, but I do try to get two posts
out per week on most sorry about the holdup. 
Love you all!

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