March 2015 Blog Maintenance Updates

I'm thinking I should start doing maintenance on the first Fridays and Saturdays of a month. Most of them won't be as full-scale as the one I've just conducted (in which I had to shut down the blog to public view as I changed things) but it's a good way for me to get things done effectively and consistently.

The first few months of blogging, as I've learned from previous experiences, harbor the most changes. This one involved a complete design re-vamp that I never got around to when I was doing the original relaunch. Of note are the banner and button changes ('home' was removed, as one could simply click on the banner, as well as other issues surrounding the font I was using), the additions and minor changes to the library, and the launch of the blogroll page, only about a month late for an update.

Things I'm working on for subsequent updates:

  1. Re-implementing a home button
  2. From that, image-mapping the banner to link to all games involved (this month: Syberia, Pirate101, Nihilumbra, and To the Moon)
  3. Introducing a new banner whenever there is a monthly graphics update 
  4. Link hover colors, general formatting, About Me at the bottom (avatar change?) 
  5. Including link to Twitch stream, Gamemerse profile, referral links, and more 
  6. Additions to the blogroll 
Thanks for bearing with me during the last day and a half! Here's looking to more games and gimmicks in the near future.

What do you think of the new design? Leave me a comment below!