Liebster Award - 10 Questions for Me, and 10 for Five More

Today, I was surprised to see my new friend, Jaedia (Dragons and Whimsy), poke me for the Liebster Award tag! The tagging couldn't have come at a better time, considering that I'm very busy this week and won't be able to stream or game very much. Therefore, I'm even happier to answer these ten questions, then send along ten of my own for five more unlucky souls fellow bloggers!

1. What are you looking forward to this year?

Ooh, lots of things! I'm looking forward to a Renaissance Faire coming up in August (and helping make the costumes). The Faire is one of my main sources of joy during the year, and those who know me especially well can easily back up the fact that I won't stop blabbering about the Faire for several weeks after it happens. It's the only time I feel truly comfortable completely disconnecting digitally, and I get to tune into my inner actress when I dance through the mobs of peasants. This year, I'll be going as a faun.

I'm also looking forward to PAX Prime in Seattle. I went last year for the first time and couldn't believe I hadn't started going earlier! There's so much to take in and one day was not at all enough for me! I've found out that I could be eligible for a Media Pass to the event this year, so that's definitely an exciting opportunity. I know I'll definitely take with me plenty of stories to post about and share from that. 

In July, stepping back a little, I have a National Novel Writing Month event. There are three per year - November, April, and July - but the July event is the only one I'll be able to participate in this year, so I'll be pouring my heart out into this little story idea that I've got lingering in my notebooks. 

2. What is your favourite book/book series/author? (delete as appropriate)

Favorite Book: How do I choose just one!? From my recently-read titles, my favorite is Cloud Atlas. Stepping back a little further, we've got the da Vinci Code and Flowers for Algernon. I've also read A Long Walk to Water and am re-reading To Kill a Mockingbird, Fahrenheit 451, and all of Bradbury's (March 25: Why did nobody correct that?) The Martian Chronicles. My all-time favorite is Steinbeck's Cannery Row

Favorite Book Series: I have Sequel Syndrome, which generally means that I won't be tuning into series for a number of reasons. When I read a lot of YA Lit for a while, I picked up the Mysterious Benedict Society (and its two sequels...and its prequel...) and absolutely loved them. Nice for a casual but interesting read. I've also read through the Harry Potter series four times. 

Favorite Author: Tie between Steinbeck and Bradbury. Absolute tie. Favorite by Steinbeck is Cannery Row (of course) and by Bradbury is August 2002: Night Meeting from The Martian Chronicles.

3. Are you on Twitter? If no, why not? If yes, what has been your experience?

Find me @SGMSoultamer and @Soultamerblog! I mainly retweet my blog posts on the latter, but on the former, a follower may be guest to food reviews, bloggery things, and the general fact that I never and will never have enough sleep when I need it. 

Personally, I love Twitter. I've been opposed to using mainstream social media for a long time, but I eventually caved and made a blogging decision to open up an account. In fact, I still don't have a Twitter for my actual self. Oops. I've made so many friends and have opened myself up to many, many different outlets. It's because of Twitter that I birthed this website as it is today! And you, two-in-the-morning DM buddy: One more round of that game? Please?

4. Do you enjoy podcasting as a medium? Why/why not?

I don't have enough time to listen to podcasts live, and I only prefer to listen to them live. And to be honest? I love them. I love interactive newscasting and how immediate the interaction with the audience is or can be. I wish I could listen to more podcasting. If you know any good ones, leave me a comment!

5. What do you feel games are lacking in 2015?

Hmm...In the games I play, I'd love to see more of the main character's personality fleshed out, or even available to the players to pick and choose at - but then rely on. Kentucky Route Zero has offered dialogue choices for the players. In the Portal series, GLaDOS comments on Chell's stubbornness. I'd love to see so much more characterization. 

Then again, I'm not such a good judge. Know any good games with stellar characterization? Recommendations are OPEN!

6. Where do you get your game news?

My Twitter feed provides a ton of things to browse through and enjoy. I read GameSkinny a lot, and bounce between various sources for coverage and things depending on what I'm looking for. I love finding new sources and sites, too - my blogroll covers most of the sites that I read through at least weekly. I also read through forums and see what people are into when looking for new topics. 

7. Could you show us a picture of your desk? If you say no, I’ll be sad.

Sure, give me a second to clean up all these plates...

Taken when I answered the question, so still dark out.
8. Beards. For or against and why?

Beard? Amuse me with your wisdoms. No beard? Tell me about this fantastic PR job you must have. Each person is entitled to their own facial hair, but I'm in no way against beards.

9. What is the best gif you’ve come across?

I *love* Attack on Titan. Zoe Hanji is my favorite character
of all time, and this just made me happy. Hanji answered
all the questions that I wanted answered...then, she did all the
things I would do. Like touch the hand. Good job, Hanji. This
GIF makes me smile.
10. Share something with us that made you laugh recently.

Meanwhile, still in the SnK fandom...

THANK YOU, Jaedia, for nominating me to the Liebster Award! I'm absolutely honored to have been tagged.

What's the next step here? It's to tag five more people with 10 questions! I tag the following: 

Maeka Gaming - my new friend!
WatchHallow - my long-time goof-off buddy
The Friendly Necromancer - my inspiration to blog 
Keyboard Paladin - a fabulous blogger/content-creator 
The Simple Swashbuckler - a good friend of mine who writes fantastic posts

If you've been nominated already, feel free to pass or take on my questions! I don't know a lot of people around here yet, so I had to use my limited wingspan and choose from there. Here are your questions:

  1. If you had the choice of neither Coke nor Pepsi, what would you choose? (Bonus points if your answer isn't water)  
  2. What effects has blogging made on your life? Has it imprinted on more than your schedule? 
  3. Where I am, there's plenty of pollen - and it's making me sick! What's the weather like right now? How is it affecting you?
  4. Would you rather your greatest struggle in life be made into a game, or your most recent nightmare? Describe your choice. 
  5. Now, pitch that game to me. What are the mechanics? Which genres would it fit? *shifty glare* Mac compatible? 
  6. Have you ever been frustrated to the point of 'keyboard smashing' when trying to write a blog post? What do you end up typing? Alternatively, what do you do when you're frustrated?
  7. What's the most ambitious thing you've done in your life, according to you? How has that experience affected you? 
  8. You're trapped on a distant island with a console/accessories and ONE GAME. You do not have internet connection, but you somehow have sufficient power to have just enough battery life and hardware quality until you are saved. Which game, console, and accessories would you have on you?
  9. Zombie apocalypse has hit! You have six hours to get ready and go (or not)! Describe your game plan.
  10. What song is stuck in your head? Describe its merits. 


  1. How fun to learn so much more about you along with reliving the delightful things I already knew. Great post and I really hope you win. I couldn't think of a more deserving blogger. <3

    1. Haha! All nominees for the Liebster Award 'win'. It's passed along to other small bloggers and is something used to just share the joy of blogging and writing. Thank you, Chrissy! <3

  2. OOph! Ok, I'll work on this. Promise!

    1. Woohoo! Can't wait to see your answers.

    2. Up! -- Thanks for the nomination! :)

    3. Yay! Saw your answers this morning. Thank YOU!

  3. Lovely answers! :D SnK love <3

    1. Thank you again for nominating! And we'd only just met. ;)

      (And OH MY GOSH the most recent manga chapters!!)


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