February 8, 2015

Survival Sunday: Eidolon (Entry 01)

Prologue: Welcome to Survival Sunday! For each game, I'll be writing under not my own, but the personality of the survivor involved, because, to be honest, I wouldn't survive a second in any of these games...enjoy!

Eidolon's Survivor: Erika Rogers, who's got plenty to be sorry for
as she finally misses society
I pocketed the map, and I realized I wasn't so far from home - my hometown, Bellevue (the trees are so familiar). There were three piles of leaves just past the lake, surrounding the map to a metro city in Washington. Three of anything means a distress beacon.

A survivor.

Someone else besides me and the festering gash across my ribcage that I swear is sending voices into my head...

Upon closer inspection, there were four piles of leaves, and the leaves were in fact blackberry bushes. Nourishment is always good, but not much can be gained per bush, and a normal meal tends to involve eating all of my collection no matter how much I carry with me, whereas ten or twenty mushrooms - or one fish - normally do the trick. The thorns scratched up my arms, but pain is so relative these days to the bear injury, so the sting doesn't make much difference...

...Listen, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Dan, for being such a jerk and sending you out. I'm sorry, mean girls from high school for not giving you all a second chance (though I still kind of think you kind of deserved my sass). I'm sorry, bosses and co-workers who I resented last month. Just show me people again. I'll be forever grateful. 

It would have been nice, too, if I'd gotten some antibacterial cream or isopropyl alcohol as a weight holding the map down instead of this compass. The glass is scratched up and the response time is slow. I can even tell the direction by means of the sun, and the wound is beginning to worry me. Never again will I venture in the fog. I suppose my hands are too stiff to carry a torch, or else I would. Are bears afraid of fire?

(Are bears afraid of anything?)

OOC: Quoting my Twitter: "The stars...the stars!" meets
"The wolves...the WOLVES!! RUN!"

Night 6: I need to start traveling through the night and fog. I understand that it's foggy all the time, but I still carry some fear from getting attacked in the fog when I couldn't see. I'll have to figure things out. I'm going to keep navigating and hopefully find a way to get through the fog.

Thing I want: torch

I found a letter the other day. It saddens me to know whoever this young woman is, she must be long dead by now. Gone. Withered away, just like I should be (you know, along with the rest of humanity). I was pointed in the direction of a few places, but I'm still going to head towards Bellevue. While I'm here, I also want to tend to my wound while I'm safe. But with rivers come all the animals wanting to drink, so I'm going to try and stay here only as long as I must. Based on my map, I should find a way to go around here, but I'm so impatient...I may try to wade. (Do I still remember how to swim?)

OOC: All in all, I think Erika just wants a friend.

Also another thing I found when I was at the lake, besides the bear: Dogs. (I ran too fast to get a good picture.) I wonder if I could have tamed them earlier. I don't want to risk it, though. Out here, everything wants to attack, I'm convinced. And unlike the woman who'd written the letter, there is no 'we' to write about. I'm alone.

So alone.

OOC: The view from Erika's sanctuary

It took another few days, since I refuse to walk in the fog any longer, but I made it to another large body of water. The isthmus and bit of land at the end have proven to be a very fine place to camp out, and I spent a few days sitting around and fishing/cooking. I spent a few minutes during the brightest part of day yesterday watching my reflection. My cheeks looked a little more sunken in, and I hadn't really noticed all the grime on my face until that point. The water was too cold for bathing, though, so I splashed my face and then curled up by the fire, chewing on salmon skin and trying to stay warm for another night. 

A thought passed me right before I fell asleep. I was the only human thing I'd seen in weeks.(Weeks...?) I was also probably the only human thing I'd ever again see. 

The following morning, I took off from my campsite to explore. For my efforts, I found a bow on the ground and thanked the stars for a way to finally defend myself...that was until I saw the bear. I then thanked the stars for the bear from before having attacked my midsection instead of my legs. I can get used to bears as being the new nuisances. At least I don't have to feebly apologize to those when I'm pretty sure I'll never see them again. I think I may thank them instead. 

For the past few nights, I've lit kindling all the way across the isthmus so that no creature may pass into my sanctuary. I will have to go back and confront the bear eventually, as it frequents the river that which is my only means of accessing the rest of my route, but for now, fish, fire, and the tattered remains of my scarf. 

Sleep shall meet me like an angel singing poetry, but as all verses end, I shall awaken here again. 


Hope you enjoyed my first Survival Sunday post! Eidolon (Ice Water Games) is one of my favorites so far, and I'll be writing up a review on it for publication soon.


  1. Wow, this is well written. I feel like I am there with you. I want to see what happens. This is a game? You really have my curiosity piqued.

    1. Yes! I'll be writing up a review about Eidolon for publication on Thursday. It's such a relaxing game (until the bear comes into view - or worse, not view).


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