February 16, 2015

New Developments: The Beast

Since I started playing more games earlier last year, I immediately began running into problems as a Mac user. Of course, I'd been using Windows for the past eternity-and-a-half, but Mac for the time fit my needs better. Heck, I'm still typing this post out on my Air, but simply because I've decided that the couch is a little more comfortable right now.

I still hear the humming of The Beast. Fans whir, bright blue lights indicating the miracle of life in my new tool. As well, my Steam games continue to download, along with that copy of Bad Rats that Curly sent me as a gag new-computer gift. Yes, under my desk is a new computer, and I built it. Not without some help, however...

My place still smells like gluten-free pumpkin pancakes, going well with the hot apple cider that I've just heated up to accompany writing the blog post. I'm in the middle of cleaning up the rest of the workspace the DM of my D&D table and I were working in; I stepped on a leftover screw earlier, and my foot still kind of stings. All worth it.

The Beast was funded by my friends and family, even after I insisted to pitch in. Instead, I was able to use my set-aside money to get a better monitor, which I absolutely love. The decision to build 'er up was over a few weeks, during which people gathered money and resources and got things scheduled. The DM proposed the entire project, and I was kind of shocked since I'm in no way hardware-oriented. I was assured the process would be fun and not too difficult, and the price difference was spectacular. For less than the first tier of DigitalStorm's Vanquish II's first tier, I was able to put together something closer to its third tier (which is 4/3 the price)!

Almost done getting the wires organized!

Was the rig fairly hard to put together? Answer: No. Given, the DM helped me a TON with actually putting it together, and I just helped out with a lot of the screwing, placing, and plugging. However, if you need a new system and are knowledgeable, or know someone who would be willing to help, it's really worth it to build your own.

What does The Beast mean to the blog? It means a promise. Not only do I have a rig that I built for gaming, but it's also a way for me to play Windows games. My recommendations are now open to Windows games, and I'm excited to play things like Never Alone and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. It also means that I'm dedicated to producing great content about great games for great people like you.

Oh, what's that? Too cheesy? Fine, have some pictures instead.

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