Ice Water Games' Viridi - A Pocket Plant with Promise

via Ice Water Games

Based in Seattle, Washington, Ice Water Games is likely best known for their survival game, Eidolon, which I began reviewing on Sunday. With the announcement of The Absence of Is earlier - a game I with no doubt will be playing - I had expected Viridi to play some more on the storytelling aspects of both Eidolon and potentially in Is. However, I wasn't at all disappointed with what I saw.

And what did I see? A childhood friend of mine: "Don't forget to water the plants."

Development video

When I was little, my family had a lot of house plants. Besides the larger bush in the living room with dark green leaves and the little tree near the back porch, I took care of an aloe vera plant in the front of the house. Caveat: I hadn't really caught onto the fact that even though aloe vera was good at staying hydrated on its own, I still had to water it. To be completely honest, I'm hoping that Viridi may help me get back on track with houseplants.

Ice Water Games calls Viridi a "meditative potted plant app". It's still in development, and their Twitter is alive with progress reports and concepts. Viridi was announced on February 3rd, shortly before I began following their Twitter, so Viridi possibly skipped over my head, but I picked up a Tweet this morning mentioning it, and it was off to the search engines.

It seems like others are as well excited for the game. From reading the comment sections on sites like Rock, Paper, Shotgun, I share the same plant-watering habits as many others, though that population seems jokingly mixed. Not much has been released about Viridi besides the few screenshots, GIFs, and the one development video available to the public, but the audience has been eating them up, myself included (with an extra helping of Eidolon on the side).

via Twitter

What is it, though, I wondered to myself, was exactly what I wanted in a potted plant app? I've never been a huge fan of the digital pet kind of thing (only because I decided it was immature, though not un-cute) but taking care of succulents on my phone may be just hipster enough to have caught my attention (maybe kidding). I'd love to see some color in my pot of plants, so hoping for a sort of flowering cactus. I'd also love to see an expansion to some less succulent plants to spruce things up at one point, but I wouldn't mind sticking with a wide range of succulents. Perhaps I could manage a garden box, or more than one pot? I'm flat-out expecting to see a lot of Washington State-type plants, those of which I'll definitely be taking advantage of.

Ice Water lastly mentioned that the plants would be growing in real time. Is this really what I'm hoping it is? I'd love to have absolutely real plants besides the tangibility, to be honest, since I'm out and about enough to forget to water. What will be our options for nourishment? What's the score of the game going to be like (You know, the classical music and plants thing)? There's a lot in store and a lot worth waiting for.

I'm also game to see more of this guy, as well as other kinds of little garden-y creatures roaming the place:

converted to an "eh" quality GIF... original file via Twitter

Viridi is definitely something I'll play - firstly for the chance at plantkeeping, secondly simply because Ice Water's making it. I'll let you all know how it goes! Check out Viridi here and let me know what you think. What will you want to be planting?