Crowfall: Overview and Analysis of World Rulesets


This morning, ArtCraft Entertainment launched the official Kickstarter for Crowfall, along with dumping a massive release of info onto the fanbase. While among the information was lots of new content, there was also one major piece included in the blurb below the initial project video that filled in a few pieces of an unfinished puzzle in the teaser phases.

Remember this image? Originally, the players only had a slight idea of the risks and rewards in the The Shadow. Now that ArtCraft has released the information, players are now aware of the low-down of all five worlds. How will that change the game, the player-base, and the quest for the throne? Let's take a look.

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The regulations on the worlds are split into 'Three Rs': Risks, Resources, and Rewards. Risks are listed simply on a scale of 'low' to 'extremely high' and correlate directly with the resources and rewards. The other two Rs, however, are where things start to get interesting. As the risk goes up in a world, the more resources are available. Where resources are most needed, there is the least risk, meaning that resources will need to be brought in somehow. Rewards is the final category. Rewards entail exactly what players gain and lose from fighting, depending on their end situation. This soon can get very dangerous for players who can't hold themselves together, as we'll soon find out.

In fact, let's go over the individual worlds and see what their Three Rs are all about...

check out the progression of the wings as the titles continue!

Risk: This is a unique world. Because the Eternal Kingdoms are...well, eternal, to say the least, player monarchs set the rules of the world and can control the risk of combat to the players. Will some rulers make combat too risky and face forcible impeachment? Will others yet be too kind unto their territories and be taken out simply because of the rules that they themselves set? Only time will tell, but I'm looking forward to seeing the Eternal Kingdoms turn out as one of the most dynamic worlds.

Resources: It is clearly listed that there are no quarries, mills, or mines in the Eternal Kingdoms. Simple resources are of course produced, but a fight for the better materials may be an issue in the coming game. Will players be allowed to bring in materials from resource-rich areas like The Shadow or even the Dregs? I'm hoping so - for the glory of the kingdom, having a strong resources team may be crucial.

Risk: The risk is listed as low. I'm starting to notice the trend as it gets closer to the core of the hunger, that the risks are higher and the players ultimately risk more for more resources. There are equal amounts of drive in each world - just for different things.

Resources: Resources in The Infected are limited to very few resource areas spread out over the land. Will players be able to bring resources in here? Maybe, but that's also a big maybe. Structures must be built with more strategy than the power of just materials alone. That means that there will also be a lot of  destruction in these first couple of worlds because of the weaker structures available to players at least in the Spring and Summer phases.

Rewards: The rewards in The Infected seem very high at first, but then one gets to reading the rest of them - eek! In The Infected, the victors in battle keep a whole 70% of scavenged items from players, meaning that the losers keep only 30%. For a player with ten good items, that may be a huge, even fatal loss. And for the winner, it may be the win that keeps them going for a good, long time.

Risk: Risk is moderate here. This is the midpoint of all the worlds, so it's likely that this is also the midpoint in general difficulty. What that means for a player population won't correlate, however - it likely attracts the right crowd (thinking roleplayers) for the right kind of risk when it comes to expected populations.

Resources: Resources are also moderate. Seeing a trend? Of all the worlds, this seems to be the one that could work well as a standalone world where players won't have the need or feel the risk to phase in and out, allowing for longer, larger, and more complex campaigns.

Rewards: The rewards of God's Reach are still very harsh, the loser only keeping 25% of their items. Based on what they have, will 25% be enough for them to survive? I'm thinking so. Based on my earlier idea for this world being better as a standalone, 25% may be just enough for players to keep their bodies warm and stomachs (kind of fed) while they scrounge for better supplies and grow back to their original standards. However, that says nothing for those who get caught in the middle of doing so...


Risk: This is where I like to draw the line in my sanity. What does that mean? Oh, I'll probably dump my character here when I'm feeling rather bold and learn a lesson or two. Then again, if I'm lucky and skilled, I may end up teaching a lesson, which is where these last two worlds come in. With the highest risks, The Shadow and The Dregs are the playgrounds of the most valiant warriors and smartest defenders. Of all the worlds, this is where 'real risks, real rewards' truly comes into play.

Resources and Rewards: Where the resources are plentiful, so are the players waiting to kill you for them. Resources are everywhere in both worlds, higher in the Dregs than in anywhere else. There will ultimately be two types of players when it comes to the resources: Those willing to fight for their resources, and those willing to kill for them. The first will be more inclined to get access to a mine, quarry, or mill to get unrestricted access to what they need, when they need it. Others yet will find it easier just to target these individuals and take what they need. In The Shadow, the second types of players have high chances, and in The Dregs, they're guaranteed. With that said, though, the areas will be controlled by the strongest defenders, able to create their crafts and fight for not only their lives, but their inventories.

What these will mean to me...well, I'll be covering that soon. As ACE continues to push out content related to the game in its earliest phases, the playerbase waits anxiously as the kickstarter is funded. Interested? The first tier of donations is under ten dollars! Help the dream of Crowfall come true. Not convinced yet? Read more about it here. 

Thanks for reading! My next planned post is actually covering a fun experience in a AAA game, planned for this Thursday if there are no major events tomorrow.